Oct 27, 2008

Hello Kitty

I chanced upon a merchandise exhibit of Hello Kitty at The Block two weeks or so ago. It's really cute. Even the entrance set-up looks so dainty with all its balloons and red ribbon.

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Oct 26, 2008

Sunday Mutterings

I just finished helping my daughter review for her first day mastery exam tomorrow. It was exhausting - for one, the temperature's really humid. Answering these mutterings is a welcome break.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Contemplate :: Think hard
2. In the house :: Present
3. Classical :: Ballet
4. Quest :: Search
5. Best friend :: Most trusted friend
6. 1991 :: Strongest earthquake in the Philippines
7. Never will :: neglect my daughter
8. Fool :: Lacks good judgment
9. Unhappy :: Scrooge
10. Best man :: Father and Husband

Oct 22, 2008


I took a quiz about emotional intelligence at Blogthings. Through the years my EQ had shown great improvement and I'm glad about that.

Your EQ is 147

You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.

You are warm and open. Even when life gets you down, you're unafraid of the world and its challenges.

You are comfortable with who you are. And you accept your weaknesses - as well as the weaknesses of others.

While you are quite stable, you don't respond perfectly to every bad situation that comes up.

But you have enough emotional intelligence to know when you need a course correction.

I laughed out loud at the second line. Let me do it again...hahahahaha! A very annoying being is going the rounds at the office. But I am ready to forget all about what happened. I won't see him anymore I guess. Anyway, this quizzes prove to be true a lot of times. I wonder if there really is a psychologist who screens these quizzes before publishing them. :

Oct 13, 2008


This was taken by my husband when we were at a hotel last August during a long weekend. It's the break of dawn - clear skies, peace and quiet, the day just starting. Wonderful! :)

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Oct 12, 2008


We just had dinner. I feel so full. I am a bit tired because I was the one who cooked and prepared. And I helped my daughter finish her scrapbook on the different types of houses. It's still a week before its submission date but if we can do it now, why procrastinate? :)

Anyway, she's on her computer now browsing on the Jonas Brothers. I am in front of my laptop recharging and doing some blogging, blog-hopping and reading some mails from my personal email. Hubby is watching television while browsing on his newly purchased dictionary. How nerdy can a hubby get? :D

Here are my mutterings for this week.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Zoo :: Animals
2. Neighborhood :: Nice people
3. Salute :: Too stiff
4. Immortality :: Twilight
5. Dominion :: Star Trek
6. Rhonda :: A song?
7. Parties :: Celebration
8. Prince of Darkness :: Dracula
9. Garbage :: Trash
10. Standard :: Norm

Oct 11, 2008

Lazy Frog

Today's theme for photo hunt is lazy. I was browsing in my files of pictures when I chanced upon Kerokeropi. It used to be my daughter's stuffed toy. Look at its eyes and the way it sat on the computer chair. Sure looks really lazy to me. :)

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Oct 8, 2008

Luma Na (Something Old)

Ito ay kuha sa Philippine Air Force noong field trip ng aking anak nitong nakaraang Pebrero. Natuwa ako sa mga lumang eroplanong naroroon. Isa na rito ang lumang eroplano para sa presidente ng bansa. Maaaring pumasok sa loob at kumuha ng souvenir photo na akin namang ginawa. Bihira lamang ang pagkakataong ito kayat akin ng sinamantala.

(This was taken at the Philippine Air Force during my daughter's field trip last February. I had fun taking pictures of all the old planes exhibited in the area. One of them is the old presidential plane. It's a good thing we can have a look inside and even take pictures. I gladly took several shots since this is a rare opportunity.)

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Oct 5, 2008


I just finished helping my daughter with her scrapbook project...the different parts of the house. I actually enjoyed browsing on old magazines to look for a dining room, a kitchen, bedroom and everything else. :)

Time now for my blogging. Here's my unconscious mutterings for this week.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Insight :: Point of view
2. Irksome :: Annoying
3. Maybe :: Probably
4. Confirmation :: Validation
5. Bib :: Small towel for babies
6. Stop! :: Hold it!
7. Lobster :: Steamed, with olive oil and garlic...yummmy!
8. Boys :: Men
9. Fire away :: Bring it on.
10. Give up :: Throw it away.

Oct 1, 2008

A New Girl

I have already posted about enrolling in a gym about two months ago. My husband and I have to be responsible for our well being. Getting fit and trim are one of the ways we can take care of ourselves.

Being fit not only has wonderful physical rewards but it also has its psychological advantages. You feel good inside and out. You feel good looking at yourself in front of the mirror looking fresh and with so much energy. A very good example of a renewed soul because of an enhanced and a physically fit body is the cousin of my husband.

I was browsing the newspaper when I saw a familiar face but I can not seem to remember who she is. She gave a testimony about how she had gone from 250 pounds to 145 pounds. She was even wearing a body hugging blouse and a pair of skinny jeans. I can only say wow! Tummy tuck surely improved the contour of her body and flatten her abdomen as if she has this body all her life. Looking at the "before" picture, I recognized her!

I think my husband got curious what I could be reading intently so he joined in. Looking closely at what I am reading, he recognized the girl in the picture with the testimonial on tummy tuck and liposuction, it is his cousin! I just have to call her. And so I did.

She kept on laughing about her testimony. Laughing in a good way. She was asking me if I read about her breast augmentation testimony. We were having a good time talking about this great experience of hers. I asked how she has managed to go under the knife when we have known her to be somewhat on the less adventurous side. She said she needs the extra boost in confidence. She needed to improve physically since this is what is causing her inferiority complex. I may not agree with her but that is her life. She lived with her obesity for so long I have no right to lecture her or argue with her about what she feels. In fact, I feel proud of her because she has manage to fight her anxiety. She is ready to face the world with so much confidence. :)