Feb 26, 2007

Compounding Positively

Of all the things I read the past weeks, this one made the most sense:

10 things you should have in place before turning 40.
1. Know Yourself
2. Settle Your Family Life
3. Determine Your Priorities
4. Develop Your Philosophy
5. Get Physically Fit
6. Learn Your Trade
7. Pay the Price
8. Develop Strong Relationships
9. Prepare for the Future
10. Find God's Will

It's a good guide in reflecting one's focus and direction especially if you are in your twenties or early thirties. And it's a good way to assess your life if you are nearing that age or over it.

The '10 Things' is an excerpt from John Maxwell's "I'm 60 and Compounding". I'd like to talk or write more about this but it's past 12. I need to sleep, rest my thoughts, and let my senses compound positively. :)


Changed my template again. Just when I am settled with the look, I clicked the comments link and it gave a broken page. I also don't have a ready header yet to replace the 'default'. Ho-hum, template can wait.

Feb 5, 2007

Why Not

Sometimes, I feel I have to try being impractical. And be fashionable. I'd like to try these shoes.

But reason comes in. I'll stick to my usual stilletos and pumps. At least I know I won't trip no matter how many times a day I run from meetings to meetings.

But they are nice shoes. :) I oggled at them in ebaY.


I'd like to have a template make-over. One of these days when time permits or when I am in the mood to really do it. I'm no html expert.