May 24, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings #11

A relaxing Sunday night. All work in and out of the house are done. Husband is not yet home though. My daughter and I had an early dinner. We're off to bed in a while. I'm making it a practice again to sleep at least around ten in the evening and my daughter around nine.

I'm passing the time away. I have two windows open, side by side, in my laptop. One is this - blogging, while the other is Farm Town. I am getting slowly addicted to this game in Facebook. I am in the marketplace waiting for anyone who will hire me to harvest their crops. That's one way to earn lots of money for both farmers and land owners. This game is fun!

My farm is still very simple compared to my 'neighbors' but I'll get there. I'm spending 30 minutes to an hour a few nights on weekdays to tend my farm. Slowly but surely, I'll earn my keep. :)

Here goes my unconscious mutterings.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Lisa :: Simpson
2. Hope :: Faith, Love
3. Irene :: Cara
4. Tony :: Blair
5. Anna :: Karenina
6. Dolly :: Hello
7. Laura :: Dern
8. Debbie :: Gibson
9. Wilson :: Owen
10. Paula :: Abdul (I still have hang over after American Idol's Season 8. I love Kris Allen!)

I love this name game. Some of the artists I featured were from the 80s. Well, I'm an 80s child, that's why.

For more mutterings, head on to Luna Nina. Have a great week ahead!

May 18, 2009

Manic Monday #1

Oh, this is not the first time I'm participating in Manic Monday. But let me say it's post number one. I join sporadically but I plan to play every Monday starting today.

Why am I suddenly up and about with my blogging? It just goes that way, sometimes I have all the enthusiasm, sometimes the blogging mojo slows down. That goes even for my two other blogs.

If you could completely redecorate any room in your house at no expense to you, what room would you choose?
Is the dirty kitchen considered a room? Anyway, I want to change the layout by moving the cabinets and the working table.

Which hour of the day do you feel goes the slowest?
It varies. Today, it's in the afternoon because my cold worsened.

If your birthday could be in a different month of the year, when would you have it?
Hmm, my birthday falls on a merry month. I don't think I want to change it. Not even for this meme. :D

I'll be going around the rest of the participants tomorrow night. It's nap time already. :)

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Unconcious Mutterings #10

I just need to do my unconscious mutterings. Racing against time, haha. It's almost ten in the evening and I resolve to sleep early starting tonight.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Vex :: Perplex
2. Relapse :: Slide back
3. Twinkle :: Little stars!
4. Crawls :: Snakes
5. Optimistic moment :: This should be all the time, right?
6. Cage :: Suffocating
7. Superwoman :: Moms! :D
8. Personal :: Close to the heart.
9. Vapor :: Water
10. Grocery store :: Included in one of my favorite places.

Have a great week ahead!

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May 16, 2009

Painted Mask

This is my entry for today's photo hunt - a painted mask. This mask belong to one of my team which he used during our masquerade party. Though it's not much for a masquerade, I like the colors - orange, red, green. They are so alive and fresh.

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Happy weekend!

May 11, 2009

Unconcious Mutterings #9

It's Mother's Day today but husband was occupied with business matters. Whatever celebration that we were supposed to do is postponed for tomorrow. Nevertheless, let me greet all the moms a very Happy Mother's Day!

My unconscious mutterings is a bit late but here goes.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Again :: One more time
2. Shower :: Rain
3. Flirting :: is for singles only, haha
4. Moving on :: Next up!
5. Rachel :: Ray
6. Chips :: Potato
7. Texting :: QWERTY
8. Feel better :: In good shape
9. Cashmere :: Mafia (I like Lipstick Jungle better.)
10. Sucked :: Vampire not of the Cullen kind

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Glitter Graphics

Have a great week ahead!

May 2, 2009

Walking on the Beam

This was taken during a three-day team building held at Air Force City, Pampanga. This team building were done in three batches. The first was for us, the management committee, the next was the group of managers and officers, the third batch were composed of the managers in the front line and the regular staff.

This team building was one of the most rigorous team buildings I have participated. It was full of surprises. Each batch were surprised to hear that all cell phones and watches will be surrendered to the facilitators. You can hear the oooohs and aaaahs. Can we ever live without these two?

For three days there were no means of communication in the outside world. No watches in the rooms to check what time it is. There is an alarm every six in the morning which signals the time to be ready to line up outside and jog and head on to the team building area.

The fun part was the strategy each group implemented such that all will be up on time considering no one knows the exact time. It was fun alright!

One of the activities was a form of military training. One of them is walking on a beam. See how the guys try to manage without any help. And see the ladies manage to cross with a little help from our air force men. :)

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