Apr 22, 2008


Today's Heads for HoT is direction (or direct(s), could be directing). I immediately thought of the aluminum plate at Bubba Gump restaurant. Every table has it which is actually serves as a direction for the crew.

If the plate says Run, Forrest, Run, the a staff will continue what it's doing and will not bother the guests on the table. But if they see the other side of this sign (which I missed taking a picture of) - Stop, Forrest, Stop - they will go to your table and ask what you need.

Isn't that a different way of checking on the customers' needs? Nice one.

Check out other HoT participants here. Have a great day! :)

Apr 19, 2008

Gifts for Mom

Fresh flowers, well-arranged flowers...don't we just love receiving them? At least most of us. Sending flowers is also a great way to let the recipient know how special he or she is to us. Different flowers for different occasions, even for different personalities. Why not?

It's not as simple as clicking the first picture of a flower you see online or picking the first bunch of flowers you see in a flower store. It should be well thought of. What kind flowers the recipient will really appreciate?

Personally, I love sending Mothers Day Baskets, number one, to my mom, and then my aunts. They are just so delighted whenever they receive wonderful, colorful gifts on a special occasion, and sometimes even if there is no occasion at all. It's a just-because-I-remember you day.

Mother's Day is fast approaching. And I am already contemplating what kind of flowers and arrangement I will be sending to my Mom this time. Flowers for Mothers Day is always something grand, something that will last in my mother's memory. That makes it special all the more.

Gifts For Mothers Day abound and I would like to accompany the flowers I will send my mom a gift she will surely appreciate. We live in different countries that's why one of the things I let her know how much I love her and I miss her is through showering her with tokens and little gifts that will truly show my feelings for her. That is aside from our daily phone conversations. :)

Apr 17, 2008

Bonding Moments

I collaborated doing this entry for Thursday Thirteen with my daughter. I had fun, we had fun! I just typed away whatever comes our mind. I can consider this one of our bonding moments too. And here are some more of our bonding time...

1. We watch Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Hannah Montana together. We love the show to bits.

2. We shop together for our fab clothes. <--- posted by my dear daughter

3. We go to the beauty salon for our haircut and my nail spa.

4. Even reviewing her homework is a bonding time for us.

5. I accompany her on her school and summer activities. She sometimes requests that I go on leave so I can bring her to her summer activity. She's currently a kiddie crew at McDonald's. :)

6. We bake on weekends! Well, most weekends.

7. We scout for new books to buy in our favorite bookstore...Fully Booked.

8. We read magazines together...hers is Total Girl and mine is Good Housekeeping.

9. We borrow each others' bags actually. She has this bag she calls her "armpit bag". What a term. Lol!

10. We go to our favorite music store to buy our CDs. She goes for Miley Cyrus and Naked Brothers Band and I go for Maroon 5 and the like.

11. She does my "facial" at night. We actually play spa and pretends that she's doing a facial to me while removing my make-up.

12. We laugh at each others' bloopers. And that's a lot.

13. My daughter actually does some coaching when I post in my blog. She has her opinion what photos I should be posting and right now, she's coaching on what I should be including here. **Love you daughter, so much! :)**

Apr 16, 2008

Social Community Network

Since early this year I have been in touch with long lost friends and classmates way back grade school days. I missed them a lot. Thanks to technology for keeping us connected even though we are miles apart.

Thank you too for the social community network which makes keeping in touch so easy. If you haven't yet, try it. You may want to join 3gb community www.3gb.biz. This site allows you to get re-acquainted with your old friends, meet new ones, blog, chat and even listen to your favorite music through their mp3 system! Isn't that exciting! Join the fun!


Masquerade...that was the theme of our company's New Year's party for 2008. This was one of the masks used during the party. I love its color! :)

Let's see what other Wordless Wednesday participants has in store for us. :)

Apr 13, 2008

Flowers Online

Generally, flowers bring delight to the recipient. Fresh flowers that is. I love receiving flowers, decorating some parts of the house with colorful flowers. Though I am a minimalist, it's obvious that a few flowers here and there inside the house liven up the rooms.

I also love sending flowers to my families and friends. Most of them live in another country but luckily there are websites which offer flower delivery.

It helps that an online site for ordering flowers give a wide array of choices. Depending on the occasion, one can browse what appropriate flower to order. How flowers are arranged help buyers decide with their flower purchase. I am one meticulous buyer of flower especially if it is online.

Price is one factor in purchasing flowers or anything for that matter. It helps if there is a link for the different prices. This saves a lot of time for people who are working on a budget. Highlighting which are the best sellers give the browsers good ideas on a possible purchase.

As an online shopper, I like it if a site has loads of graphics or pictures of the actual buys detailed in an organized manner. Nothing which looks cluttered. I want something that will entice me to really buy. It's very important that the site carries all the information that I will be needing - the picture of the product, the price, the accessories that could go with it, say, gift basket or even a flower pot or a flower vase in this case. Easy navigation helps a lot. I like it like it's a one-stop-shop when I order flowers online.

An organized and informative flower site will make a possible buyer actually purchase not just once but everytime one thinks of sending those beautiful flowers to families and friends.

Health Care Management

One might consider a career in health care management as an x-ray technician. It is both a rewarding and challenging job in the sense that it is considered a big step in a patient's correct diagnosis.

Normally this job requires preparing patients before the x-ray procedure is done. As an x ray technician, one is highly responsible for implementing with high precision all the equipment necessary - they have to be in good condition, with the right specifications in terms of range or angle to obtain the optimum result of the film for the x-ray.

As an xray technician, one is trained how to use efficiently and effectively the basic and complex equipment needed to carry out an x-ray procedure.

Apr 6, 2008

Wanted: A Good Web Host

I have been blogging for almost two years. In that span of time I had several templates already. I don't even remember anymore how many exactly. I have always wanted a clean look, a professional look. I learned how to play with HTML codes. I am still not an expert but I at least know how to put in backgrounds, change colors, modify widths, the basic.

I guess I would be in perennial search of a perfect template. I love changing templates though what I have now has been here for several months already. I am in search again.

I am already familiar with some blogs with free and paid templates site suited with my blog host. Just that sometimes when I go back, these sites are gone already or under maintenance. If I am the author of these kinds of blogs, I would see to it that my web host's technical capability is on the up side. No downtime or at least minimal glitches that would affect the site and the author's standing or credibility.

As I searched for templates again I came to a site where an entry about web hosting was posted. It's a familiar web site for me since I have tried its free blogger templates before. At least I know that the author is very dedicated in keeping up the site for his and his readers' and customers' sake.