Jan 18, 2009

Enhance Your Knowledge

Learning never stops. It is always a worthy experience to learn something one can put to good use. It not only benefits the self but can also be shared with others. After all, true learning can only happen through sharing.

Honing one's skills is one way to grow and be more confident in this very competitive world. In this age and time when everything happens so fast, one need to equip oneself with the right knowledge and skills. One need to be in touch with what is going on around the world. Taking advantage of seminars and trainings given by the company or schools is a wise move. Some organizations even offer study grants. It is a pity to let go of this kind of chance.

Do you want to reinforce a knowledge or a skill? Do you want a new learning? Most people I know say yes to both but are too busy with their jobs and families to take time and give additional learning a chance. For some, these are not company priorities. I say if there is a will, there is a way.

Take advantage of online education. You can check the courses offered at online education centers such as Ashworth College. Manage your time and be able to attend to your thirst for learning. Centers like Ashworth College gives you the convenience of studying at times and places most applicable to you.

Continue reading, continue researching. Manage information and be in touch. Networking is one opportunity to expand one's knowledge. One needs to focus on what learning one really needs to acquire such that it will not be a clutter of knowledge. Information overload is the worst that could happen.

Online study centers like Ashworth College has a variety of disciplines that can help you realize what it is that will reinforce or build the learning most applicable to your needs and wants.

Jan 12, 2009

Female Icon Quiz

Whenever the results of online quizzes I take are somewhat close to some facts about how I am, I publish it. And this one has some grain of truth. So I am not Jackie O, I am not Marilyn Monroe, but I am Joan.

Am no Mommie Dearest, okay? Definitely not but I sure would want to run a corporation. I understand Joan Crawford chaired PepsiCo after her last husband.

Anyway, those in bold fonts are quite a bit like me but not to be taken solely as they are phrased here. :D

Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...

You Are a Joan!


You are a Joan -- "I need to succeed"
Joans are energetic, optimistic, self-assured, and goal oriented.

How to Get Along with Me
* Leave me alone when I am doing my work.
* Give me honest, but not unduly critical or judgmental, feedback.
* Help me keep my environment harmonious and peaceful.
* Don't burden me with negative emotions.
* Tell me you like being around me.
* Tell me when you're proud of me or my accomplishments.

What I Like About Being a Joan
* being optimistic, friendly, and upbeat
* providing well for my family
* being able to recover quickly from setbacks and to charge ahead to the next challenge
* staying informed, knowing what's going on
* being competent and able to get things to work efficiently
* being able to motivate people

What's Hard About Being a Joan
* having to put up with inefficiency and incompetence
* the fear on not being -- or of not being seen as -- successful
* comparing myself to people who do things better
* struggling to hang on to my success
* putting on facades in order to impress people
* always being "on." It's exhausting.

Joans as Children Often
* work hard to receive appreciation for their accomplishments
* are well liked by other children and by adults
* are among the most capable and responsible children in their class or school
* are active in school government and clubs or are quietly busy working on their own projects

Joans as Parents
* are consistent, dependable, and loyal
* struggle between wanting to spend time with their children and wanting to get more work done
* expect their children to be responsible and organized

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Jan 3, 2009


I enrolled in a gym with the great hope and determination to achieve the ideal weight for me, the weight that is right for my age and height. I just have to tell myself to practice portion control more. :)

I hope to bring back my slender body like these beautiful ladies here, all candidates for Miss Earth 2008. You can LOL now. They visited the gym a few months back. Luckily I was there and had a chance to work out with them. By the way, our very own Miss Philippines bagged the crown. :)

As it is often said, youth is the hope of our motherland. Celebrate your youth! Say cheese pretty young misses!

For more pictures about hope, please visit Photo Hunt headquarters. Happy new year everyone!

Jan 1, 2009