Jul 29, 2007

Cooking with Rodents

We were mulling over what movie to watch last Friday night. The choices were Harry Potter, The Simpsons and Ratatouille. The hubby wanted the movie from Disney-Pixar since he is a fan of any Pixar creations and computer generated animations. My daughter and I wanted Harry Potter. I don't know how we were convinced to watch the Chef Rat instead. But we are so glad that we picked Remy over Harry and Homer.

Ratatouille is about a rat named Remy who knows how to cook and Linguini, the garbage boy who became the accidental cook. As in most movies, especially Disney movies, suspend your disbelief and eagerly wait what lies ahead. A fish-out-of-water story. And if it's Disney, trust that they will make even the most hideous creature to something sweet and lovable if they have to. Think Monsters Inc. So imagine a rat who maintains a kitchen of a famous restaurant and manages to speak to a dead master chef (Gusteau) and mentors a human (Linguini) to produce the best tasting dishes. You will never look at rats the same way again. Haha! Maybe not but at least for two hours your heart will go for these rodents especially for Remy. The rat who held on with his ambitions against all odds. "I want to add something to this world".

Conflicts arise among rats, among humans and between humans and rodents. There's a universal message of understanding, determination, love and loyalty which the adults will appreciate. There are simple lessons on stealing and eating dirty food which the children will easily get. I'm saying this Pixar offering might not really be appreciated by most kids (especially 6 years old and younger) but it still engages the children with its perfect animation, action sequences and comic timing.

As for me, I love the scene where it shows Paris by night never mind that it is computer generated. I love the scenes in the kitchen. They make me want to learn more about cooking and concocting new dishes. I'm not good in the kitchen, at least not yet, but as the catch line in the movie says, "anyone can cook". I better believe that.

I searched for a ratatouille recipe and landed on this site. Looks yummy! I learned that a famous chef, Thomas Keller, concocted the particular ratatouille recipe for the movie and it's called confit byaldi. Nice trivia.

As in all Pixar movies, expect an appetizer. This time it's called "Lifted". You will surely laugh your heart out.

Enjoy Ratatouille! :) And this is worth keeping in mind, "If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff".

Jul 28, 2007

Photo Hunt 20: Creative


My daughter and I have visited Cocorama a few months back. It's a cute dining cafe located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong City. I find the theme and the decors really creative. The walls are very bright. It has the 70s feel but with 80s color combination. I love the "flower power" mural. Part of the wall decorations are vinyl records I posted in one of my photo hunt entries. There's also a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

They also have creative names for their menu list. There's Travolta, LSD, Scream and Jackson Five which I took a shot of below. I'm just wondering why there's one pancake which is not supposed to be there. Or is that supposed to be Michael Jackson? No offense to MJ fans out there. :)

A big red VW Kombi serves as a wall separating the kitchen and the dining area. It also serves as the counter. The angus beef cooked and served Filipino style (well-done, with vinegar on the side and garlic rice) is good.

Jul 21, 2007

Photo Hunt 19: Tiny


I fancy this one so I thought I'd share it also with the rest of the Photo Hunters. Below is a picture of tiny paper soaps in different shapes and colors. I don't use them nor anyone in the family but they are nice "decorations" for the bathroom dresser and can be a substitute for a freshener for small cabinets or storage areas in bedrooms. At least for me, those are the main purposes of these cute paper soaps. :)

Another sharing is this tiny replica of a high cut rubber shoes sans the shoe lace. My daughter loves this one because it looks so much like her pink Converse shoes. She loves collecting key chains but this one is her favorite.


To TNChick, get well soon. My prayers are with you.

Jul 14, 2007

Photo Hunt 18: Shadow


I'd like to share with you some pictures I took of the monastery I have visited in Malaybalay, Bukidnon - Monastery of the Transfiguration. Bukidnon is known for the Del Monte Farm and its golf course. It's a great site no doubt but this monastery is the best place I've been when I was there.

Benedictine monks take care of the place and run their own store near the chapel. They have Monk's Blend coffee which I bought but haven't tried yet, Monk's Peanut Butter, peanut brittle or the Piniato. Also, religious relics, mostly St. Benedict medals. They say St. Benedict medals is worn to drive away evil spirits and prevent exorcism. The medals bear the phrases begone satan and may His presence protect us in the hour of our death, both in Latin.

I am not a Catholic but I appreciate the beauty of the place. It's very serene. Perfect for retreats or just some quiet walk. It has a very scenic view. This place soothes one's senses.

Here's a picture in one angle where huge church posts cast their shadows inside.

One of the bells of the church

A part of the interior. Note the altar made of solid rock.

The church's entrance.

The scenic view from the monastery.

Jul 10, 2007

My Simpson

This is cute. I couldn't resist posting this at this ungodly hour. It's way past my bedtime, *big grin*.

Here's my Simpson Avatar.

Haha, I'm way bigger than what is projected by this avatar. But not as big as the last choice in the 'built section'. It's just a movie anyway, so let me. :) I normally wear my hair down but lately, I keep it in a scroonchie. That means I am needing a haircut. (And I really have to explain my hairstyle, 'no?)

When you go around Springfield Town in the Simpson's website, you might just find yourself one of the characters, even "wanted" at that. Look at me. I'm there. :)

Have some fun and visit the site, The Simpsons Movie.

Jul 7, 2007

Photo Hunt 17: Fake


My family and I had our dinner last night at the newly opened Lamesa Grill at, where else, the second mall nearest us, Trinoma. As it had always been, I surveyed the interior and these caught my attention, the rain showers in the middle of the dining area and the bamboos which separate one table from another.

But of course, the rain showers are just coming from a shower hidden around the wooden band.

But the bamboo looks for real. Checking it further, the inside is not hollow but solid. It must be made of rattan.


Last night was our second try at Lamesa Grill, owned by the Philippines' mega actress, Miss Sharon Cuneta and senator-husband, Francis Pangilinan. We had lunch at their branch at Mall of Asia a few months back. I would say the interior there is a lot better than what they have here at Trinoma. Here, it's very cramped. They tried to make the place cozy by putting in the falls, hanging veneer lamps, the rain showers, the bamboos but the place is not as comfortable as their first branch. Some tables have an awkward size that three seats make it all boxed in but leaving two seats make it really spacious.

The food is good though. We ordered the Lamesa Combo consisting of lengua, chicken barbecue, pork barbecue, baked scallops and tahong, grilled tanigue and prawns. Just take out those 'deadly black carcinogens' when you have your grilled food. One of our favorite dish is the tortang talong (eggplant omelette) - boiled eggplant with ground pork wrapped in scrambled egg topped with garlic and parsley. Very tasty.

The service is great. The food servers are very attentive and quick to respond to every query. Considering it was peak, it didn't take long for them to get our orders, deliver them to our table and bring in our bill. Normally, in most fast-casual restaurants, these three activities take around ten to fifteen minutes each.

What's good also was the 20% discount they offered for every meal. Just show the Lamesa Grill flyer and that will entitle you to a discount. Good enough. :)

***I'll be out, I will be visiting other photo hunters later tonight. :)