Oct 12, 2006

Burnin' Brows

I've been reviewing for the past several hours. My only break was when we fetched my daughter from school. My form of stretching is talking to my classmates over YM. And we are all kind of buried on our work and on going over our book for the exam tomorrow. Well, good luck to us!

I have till Saturday to think over if I will enrol this semester or not. I want to but I have to manage my time.

On to other things.....

A day before Milenyo hit Metro Manila, my cousin Peachie gave birth to a cute baby girl she nicknamed Wazi. Wazi is the youngest in the clan so far. By next year, it will be my brother's baby who will get the title of being the youngest in the clan, both mother and father side.

A baby is always a welcome addition in a family. My daughter loves babies. :)

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