Aug 9, 2008

Budget Talk

Like most mothers (and fathers) do, I have a monthly budget that I follow. I need to monitor them on a weekly basis just to be sure I am aligned with the budget I am working on. It has to be that way. I am not perfect, a few times I go over the budget. But for the past months I am able to stick to what me and my husband was able to agree on. We do not falter in paying our bills ever since we became husband and wife and we intend to keep it that way. We manage to save a certain percentage from both our incomes too.

However, there are times that a certain expense not on our list comes up. Like our washing machine acting up. The dryer does not want to function. It's raining hard the past days and we can't afford not to have a dryer. There was a time too our television in our room conked out on us without any warning. It is a form of relaxation for us at the end of the day. We watch our favorite movie or television show before going to sleep. I just cannot live without it so to speak. Unforeseen situations like the ones I have stated are not what you may call a matter of life and death but they are important parts of our daily lives. Unfortunately though they are not on our budget. This is where a fast payday loan comes in handy. We can cover the expenses right away, we can continue enjoying the benefits of these helpful household appliances I have mentioned and we can pay the loan easily. But then again, I hope none of our appliances goes malfunctioning again. :)

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ellen said...

happy weekend lynn!