Dec 22, 2008

Gym on a Weekend

I needed to check something with my team on a Saturday. Our head office is a bit far so I decided to meet them in one of our branch office. Since I will be going out early, I might as well maximize the time. I coaxed husband to join me. We headed to the gym first afterwhich we went separate ways to attend to our own agenda for the day.

The gym is practically empty. Who wants to get up really early on a weekend?

We have our tuna sandwich and pasta here at the gym's healthy options stall. We both love the garden tuna sandwich here.

More weekend snapshots here. The Mommy Zone shares a holiday get-together with the Filipino Mom Blog Mommies and our kids. Beyond Fried Eggs share a lunch at Taco Bell.


julie said...

Gym in the morning is a wonderful way to start one's day :) To do it with your hubby makes it even more special :)

Lynn said...

JULIE, True. It all the more gives me the energy to start the day.

Dora said...

Wow! U had a fit and healthy weekend. Happy WS and have fun!

Lynn said...

DORA, I hope it's like that every weekend. :D

SASSY MOM said...

Kakainggit, Lynn! Hubby has never stepped inside a GYM in his entire life. Although, he does sports like table tennis, badminton, basketball but he's not the GYM type of guy.

Lynn said...

SALEN, Hi! How are you? I guess those sports are pretty okay for physical activities.

Nice to see you here again. :) Happy holidays!