May 24, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings #11

A relaxing Sunday night. All work in and out of the house are done. Husband is not yet home though. My daughter and I had an early dinner. We're off to bed in a while. I'm making it a practice again to sleep at least around ten in the evening and my daughter around nine.

I'm passing the time away. I have two windows open, side by side, in my laptop. One is this - blogging, while the other is Farm Town. I am getting slowly addicted to this game in Facebook. I am in the marketplace waiting for anyone who will hire me to harvest their crops. That's one way to earn lots of money for both farmers and land owners. This game is fun!

My farm is still very simple compared to my 'neighbors' but I'll get there. I'm spending 30 minutes to an hour a few nights on weekdays to tend my farm. Slowly but surely, I'll earn my keep. :)

Here goes my unconscious mutterings.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Lisa :: Simpson
2. Hope :: Faith, Love
3. Irene :: Cara
4. Tony :: Blair
5. Anna :: Karenina
6. Dolly :: Hello
7. Laura :: Dern
8. Debbie :: Gibson
9. Wilson :: Owen
10. Paula :: Abdul (I still have hang over after American Idol's Season 8. I love Kris Allen!)

I love this name game. Some of the artists I featured were from the 80s. Well, I'm an 80s child, that's why.

For more mutterings, head on to Luna Nina. Have a great week ahead!


julie said...

80s na 80s, lol! My names are a bit personal naman :)

ellen said...

been a long time my dear lynn, hope to hear from you again...pls. take note of my new url