Jul 13, 2010

Manic Monday #11

It's raining! Bed-weather really. I love it. Just that I need to work. Just taking a break. I'm back in Manic Monday Meme too. I am so back in blogging. I love it again. :)

1. Name 5 of the simple pleasures in your life.
a. Bonding with my daughter even if we just stay home inside our room the whole day - with our favorite shows, DVDs, music and some good food. Love to cuddle her.
b. A good read.
c. Oolong tea and tuna melt sandwich
d. Facebook, Twitter and Blogging (in that order, haha)
e. Working out even just at home

2. What do you like to do on a rainy day?
Just stay in the house, sleep, cuddle with my daughter, bake, watch our favorite DVDs. Dance in the rain!

3. I deserve a _______.

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