Aug 8, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings #29

It's a very rainy Sunday. Bed-weather really. Done with morning activities. We had lunch in one of our favorite restaurants. Chanced upon a good friend. Bought some DVDs and other things my daughter needs for her school tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm stuck because of the heavy rains which means I cannot attend the get-together with some of my high school friends.

Trying my best to control eating in this kind of weather but I have just consumed a plate of a popular local food, Pancit Malabon with shrimps and hard boiled eggs and calorie inducing sauce. I had my share of half of okoy - again with shrimps and bean sprouts, egg and tofu dipped in vinegar. I also had a bite of cassava cake. God, I am so full.

I have been dieting for half a year now and have never felt this full. So now I know that you easily get full when your stomach have been used to wheat bread, wheat pasta, white meat and fruits.

Before I shake off all the calories I've had, let me blog away and let all the food settle. Sharing my unconscious mutterings for the week:

I say ... and you think ... ?

Coma :: unconscious
Aristotle :: philospher
Pink eye :: conjunctivitis
Expensive :: travel
Dancer :: SYTYCD (lol, that's the first thing that entered my mind, So You Think You Can Dance)
Lipstick :: I like it glossy.
Buffer :: Extra (like stocks which are used in case forecast is short)
Stilettos :: I love them!
Booming :: flourishing
Rap :: Eminem (well, he's the one who first got into my head).

Whooa! The rain is getting stronger as I post this. I wonder if there will be school tomorrow at the rate things are going. My daughter will be very happy if there is none.

Looking forward to a fruitful week!

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