Dec 23, 2006


Finally we were able to secure a Sky DSL connection last December 17. It was doing good until the third day. We were having problems with the intermittent connection plus there are occurences the dialogue box says our password does not match with their record. How can that be? Anyway, I've been a regular caller of their technical support (read: Bayantel's call center) since two days ago. In fairness, the call center agents are courteous and very patient though there are no concrete answers. They should be but I still like to commend them for being that way. In fact two techinicians came in yesterday to check our connection. Unfortunately, there was a 10 hour brownout in our place so they were not able to check.

We were in prepaid card for so many years thinking that we can get by with it. But with our massive use of the computer these days for personal and professional reasons, prepaid really takes a lot of our time just waiting for some sites to upload. That's why we decided to cut one of our telephone lines and have a DSL connection instead. I just hope the problem we are experiencing now regarding our connection will be resolved as soon as possible. It's starting to frustrate me now because for four days, Bayantel only has "we are monitoring the problem" to say. For four days already.

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