Jan 22, 2007


I equate driving with independence. Mobility at any given time, at any given place. Sad to say, I have yet to secure even a non-pro driver's license. Because I have not learned yet how to drive.

I did enrol at A1 driving school six years ago. My husband tried to give me a follow-up coaching and actual driving lessons but it didn't prosper to anything. I was able to drive around the neighborhood. My most poignant memory of it was when I went up the gutter. Also, I stopped in the middle of the road one wee hour of the morning to my husband's horror.

I am not sure if my zero confidence in driving is brought about by this. It is said that never ever ask your husband or your boyfriend to teach you how to drive because it won't work. As if there is some psychology to it. Maybe the huband or the boyfriend gets too protective of you that he wants you to get every little thing in every little move you do. But it gets all the more confusing.
Anyway, ALL the women I know learned how to drive not through the courtesy of their significant others but through driving school, or through a friend, or another relative.

Or maybe, there are people like me who are not just that interested in driving. But as we all know, even if public utility vehicles abound in this country, driving has become a necessity now and not anymore a luxury what with all the hustle and bustle we are faced in day in and day out. Conclusion, I must, I must, I must slip on that driving shoes, get on the car, start the engine and drive. :)


Toni said...

I don't drive either! I took A1 lessons yeeeears ago. I never pursued getting my license though. The Manila traffic freaked me out. Driving didn't make me feel in control. It felt too weird for me. Now, I sometimes regret not knowing how to drive! While I don't think it's too late to relearn driving, I just plain am not interested in relearning everything. Nope nope. I'll take public transportation or ride along with my husband. Better safe than sorry!

Chenchelle said...

I'd like to drive but it's like, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. :)