Sep 24, 2007

Quick Breakfast

I chanced upon Weekend Snapshot as I was blog hopping yesterday. Since I love taking pictures, the point and shoot kind, I joined this photo meme. Some participants I recognize in the weekly Photo Hunt too. Don't we just love taking pictures of just about anything? Definitely. :)

Normally the family takes breakfast at home but I had a quick breakfast last Sunday at McDonald's while waiting for my daughter from her Sunday worship service. I only eat at McDonald's when I'm left with no other choice. McDonald's has a very good drive thru service and that's a plus point for this burger chain. But then there are only three food servings from this fastfood restaurant that I order, not necessarily all at the same time - sundae hot fudge, quarter pounder (but this one will soon be off my list), and the picture I posted, longganisa (native pork sausage) with scrambled egg.

Check out other snapshots here.


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Carver said...

Good to see another familiar blogger on weekend snapshot. You made me laugh when you said "Don't we just love taking pictures of just about anything?" I'm certainly in that club of frequent pictures. Your breakfast made an interesting shot and I never would have thought to take that one.

Alison said...

I'd certainly agree with your comment! You can tell by my blog that I'm always out with a camera ;-) I'm not that fond of McDonald's but that does look delicious.

Sandy Carlson said...

Looks delicious! I didn't know McDonald's could look so good!

Emmyrose said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks for stopping by. Your photo made me hungry tonight :)

Happy WS!

Raquel said...

Hi Lynn, welcome to Weekend Snapshot, I do like this meme too. This is good meme with no theme to follow.

Hey, your breakfast makes me hungry. Good shot, I can see the texture.

Isabelle aka Tricotine said...

Not my kind of breakfast, but great photo! :-)

My Weekend Snapshot is up at Tricotine

ws said...

Welcome to WS Lynn!

im alreary full with what you served in here lol! seriously, that looks yummy.

thanks for joining and till next time!

etteY said...

Wow I love longganisa! used to have that almost every day when I was still in Ortigas. Walking distance lang kasi from our office ang Mcdo. yumm!

manilenya said...

mahilig din ako magkukuha ng pic kapag kumakain sa mga fastfood pero tong kuha mo ..talagang kuha ng photographer ...nainggit naman daw ako bigla lol!

Kero said...

I love being a Filipino but I am a certified McDo girl. I finish my thesis in Mcdo Philcoa hihi. Thank you for dropping by. Your yummy photo reminds me that i still have to take my breakfast. Come by again!

Lynn said...

CARVER, My husband and daughter tease me whenever they see taking pictures of things-they-thought-do-not-matter. Haha!

ALISON, Taking pictures is kind of relaxing for me. :)

SAND CARLSON, It tastes okay but among all McDo's foods, this makes me feel full.

EMMYROSE, Thanks for peeking in here too. :)

RAQUEL, Thanks for appreciating my photo. :)

ISABELLE, Will drop by your site. :)

WS, Looking forward to the next WS.

ETTEY, Parang alam ko kung saan McDonald's sa Ortigas yan. My office used to be at Ortigas too.

MANILENYA, haha, ako feeling photographer. :D

KERO, I sure will drop by WS blogs even if it's not WS time. :)

Jean Chia said...

wow, u hv rice over at McD's philippines? we dun hv it here in malaysia! :)

rowena said...

Hi Lynn, nice pic, nagutom tuloy ako. I have skinless longanisa in the fridge and some eggs too. Maka-merienda nga....

Judy said...

Thanks for showing me your Mckers meal. So different from our breakfast menu here.

You have rice too on yours?

I didn't realise Mckers have different menus for some countries. How interesting.

keeyit said...

I always bring along my camera with me too. So that I can capture the moment that I feel nice.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. I miss you on Photo Hunt this week. I've been invited to join Weekend Snapshots too but I keep forgetting to post a photo. I hope I can join next week.

At like McDonald's pancakes for breakfast.

ann santos said...

hi! you know i love that longganisa meal from mcdonalds. and when i saw the picture you posted, it seems to be even more delicious.

chateau said...

It's been a while since I had that meal ha! Maybe soon. nakakamiss din pala. When I was working, I often had that for breakfast haha.
Stay by Lisa Loeb is one of my fave songs :)

Lynn said...

JEAN CHIA, Filipinos are rice eaters. McDo has to compete very well. :)

ROWENA, I hope you had your longganisa well. :D

JUDY, So it's called McKers there? I am only familiar calling the burger chain MickeyD's and McDo. ;)

KEEYIT, Same here, same here. :D

RACHEL, I was out for the past two weekends that's why I missed PH.

ANN, I'm trying my best to just have their pancakes. Longganisa's too heavy sometimes.

CHATS, Lisa Loeb, yes! And all the other 80s and 90s songs. Haha!

julie said...

Love, love those McDonald's breakfast. I love the egg McMuffin since I can't eat the longganisa due to health reason. Quarter Pounder was the reason I had my gallbladder removed 3 years ago. Ugh.

Lynn said...

JULIE, Oh noes, that's too bad. I'm really going for pancakes now.

Mommy2JL said...

LoL I've only been reading your blog for a few minutes but I have to say thay so far.. it's making me extremely hungry.
Everything on here looks delicious!