Oct 1, 2007

Going Green

It's Pinoy Moms Network's monthly photo sharing once again. As the logo on the left says, we are going "Green" for October.

I actually have a lot to share for the green theme. Let me post these pictures taken at Caliraya Recreation Center, Lumban, Laguna. Our family spent two days there about a year ago. It's two to three hours drive from Manila. It takes about a five minute boat ride from the parking/entrance area to Caliraya. From the recreation center, one can have a grand view of the man-made lake surrounding the resort.

The place implements a no-smoking policy, not within the immediate vicinity, not within the room. Smoking is allowed only some meters away from the recreation center. There's a one thousand peso fine for anyone caught violating the rule. How stiff, huh. :) But one's got to respect well-meaning policies. The place is also popular among retreat groups as well as for team building activities. There's fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding.

Nice view from the resort's building's window.

I took a picture of some guests enjoying their "mudslide" under the sun.

So green.

Once in a while it's nice to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life, breathe fresh air and have a pleasant and relaxing view of lush greeneries.

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maiylah's snippets said...

I remember I was there ... which feels like eons ago ... no resort yet at that time. would be great visiting the place again! :)

hope it's ok, i tagged you! :)
happy tuesday!

Mixednuts said...

i hope it is still as green. i hope the trees are still there. yes it is always good to go out and get some R&R.

julie said...

We spent three days there years ago with special children and missionaries. I was pregnant with Julian then and Trixie was just 5yo. The place is so clam and peaceful.Food is great too :D

They used solar powered panes for the heaters. Did they still use those?

julie said...

The place is so "clam" and peaceful. Sorry...calm it is.

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely photos of lush green surroundings. Caliraya is a lovely place to commune with nature.

Lynn said...

MAIYLAH, Thanks! :D I'll post it in my next entry. :D

MIXEDNUTS, It still is. :)

JULIE, It's so quiet, correct. The food were not that great though during our stay.

RACHEL, If one wants a really quiet time away from the city, a quick getaway is Caliraya.

chateau said...

Aah, what refreshing green sceneries. At first i thought those pictures were of my beloved Baguio.

I have not been to Lake Caliraya. But I hear it's a good place for family outings. Maybe this sembreak...

rowena said...

hi lynn, very nice photos. sarap siguro mag unwind dyan...i'll ask hubby to bring me there soon. thanks for posting this wonderful place.

Lynn said...

CHATS, The place is not marvelous but it's very quiet there. Good enough place to have a quick escape from Manila. :)

ROWENA, Enjoy some quiet time with your family. That would be great! :D