Sep 7, 2008

My Sister's Car

My father, together with my sister, and I had been discussing acquiring another car intended for the family. Yes, it's a discussion because my father is one meticulous person. Meticulous in just about everything, even in taking care of the appliances at home, the pots and pans collection in his (and my mother's) kitchen, the growing weeds in their backyard, the painting of their window sills - name it, my father's on it. Everything has to be taken cared of.

He still has his very first car when he migrated to the U.S. more than a decade ago. He never fails when it comes to its maintenance. They are always on schedule. True to his character, what needs to be done gets done. That includes reviewing car insurance quotes. As my sister is about to buy her first car, tips on availing a good car insurance is in our discussion. She was able to get a free insurance quote fast. I understand car insurance varies from state to state. A preview of the different car insurance is helpful especially for a first time car owner like my sister. I really hope my sister will get to purchase her new car. She's pretty excited about it. Her driving lessons was a breeze. Once she gets the car, she'll have more time to do things all by herself without asking my father to drive for her. :)

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