Oct 1, 2008

A New Girl

I have already posted about enrolling in a gym about two months ago. My husband and I have to be responsible for our well being. Getting fit and trim are one of the ways we can take care of ourselves.

Being fit not only has wonderful physical rewards but it also has its psychological advantages. You feel good inside and out. You feel good looking at yourself in front of the mirror looking fresh and with so much energy. A very good example of a renewed soul because of an enhanced and a physically fit body is the cousin of my husband.

I was browsing the newspaper when I saw a familiar face but I can not seem to remember who she is. She gave a testimony about how she had gone from 250 pounds to 145 pounds. She was even wearing a body hugging blouse and a pair of skinny jeans. I can only say wow! Tummy tuck surely improved the contour of her body and flatten her abdomen as if she has this body all her life. Looking at the "before" picture, I recognized her!

I think my husband got curious what I could be reading intently so he joined in. Looking closely at what I am reading, he recognized the girl in the picture with the testimonial on tummy tuck and liposuction, it is his cousin! I just have to call her. And so I did.

She kept on laughing about her testimony. Laughing in a good way. She was asking me if I read about her breast augmentation testimony. We were having a good time talking about this great experience of hers. I asked how she has managed to go under the knife when we have known her to be somewhat on the less adventurous side. She said she needs the extra boost in confidence. She needed to improve physically since this is what is causing her inferiority complex. I may not agree with her but that is her life. She lived with her obesity for so long I have no right to lecture her or argue with her about what she feels. In fact, I feel proud of her because she has manage to fight her anxiety. She is ready to face the world with so much confidence. :)


Mixednuts said...

I too believe in doing it the right way, i.e. exercise and diet. But then who am I to judge your cousin? It is great that she finally decided to do something about it and is happy.

Anonymous said...

Nutmix - A doctor would advise to sleep it off. Rest is another way to fight obesity :)