Apr 19, 2009

Unconscious Mutterings #8

I think this is the hottest summer I have ever experienced in my life. Whew! We are all sweating even if we are just sitting watching television. Can't help but turn on the ACU for a few hours until we feel comfortable.

It's raining now while the sun is shining but it feels better. I feel relaxed, onto my usual Sunday online activities.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Lease :: Rent
2. Dead :: Flatline
3. Removed :: Omitted
4. Broke :: Zero capital
5. Lips :: Kissable
6. Flight :: or fight?
7. Three hours :: A movie maybe?
8. Give :: Share
9. Technical :: Manual
10. Hurry :: Move it!

Other mutterings here. Happy weekend!


Mariposa said...

Give and share...love it!

lupusurvivor said...

nice mutterings. thanks for the visit.

Monique said...

Happy Mutterings...

Matched on 1 & 6.

julie said...

Lynn, saga ba ang movie na yan? :D

I miss you friend :)

Mixednuts said...

great thouhts. also yes it is so hot which is why i was so excited to got o baguio.