Dec 14, 2009

Movies: Music

I know there are a lot of movies with music as their theme. I will share the first movies that comes to mind. I am not so much into movies with music as theme nor musicals when I was younger but I got to appreciate them as I matured. This was specially true when I watched Chicago (not a music theme but a musical) which I find really worth-watching. The actors played their part very well even if they aren't much exposed to singing and dancing.

On to my list before I digress too much.

1. High School Musical
2. Camp Rock
These two are already in my sub-conscious as they have been repeatedly played here in the house courtesy of my daughter.

3. Mr. Holland's Opus
A story more about passion and dedication.

4. School of Rock
Anything Jack Black, my husband will watch.

5. Music and Lyrics
This is one of my favorite feel-good movies. I love Hugh Grant as the aging, has-been rocker of the 80s. I love Drew Barrymore's beauty and being so bubbly.

6. Sound of Music
This was my sister's favorite movie back then. She watches this whenever she feels like it like every month I guess. Would you believe I have not finished this movie? But I love the part where Maria and the children sing the famous songs - Do-Re-Mi, My Favorite Things, So Long, Farewell, Sixteen Going on Seventeen.

Geez, I have now an LSS (last song syndrome) - Way Back Into Love from Music and Lyrics. I love this song too. :)

Have a great week!

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boliyou said...

The Sound of Music seems to be on everyone's list, and Mr. Holland's Opus is pretty popular, too. I'll have to watch that one.

Great list!

kaye said...

music and lyrics--that sounds like one I need to check out. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

The Bumbles said...

Oh I remember the previews for Music & Lyrics - didn't see that one though. Certainly a good choice for this week's topic!