Aug 28, 2010

Side A

I missed their concert last night. I was supposed to meet my friends at the venue but loads of work and heavy traffic proved to be a lethal combination so I decided not t proceed. It was almost eleven in the evening already. I learned they left the place at around one in t morning.

I am hoping we'll set a date soon when I am not that busy so I can join them. I love Side A band since I was in high school, college and even when I was already working up to now that I have a tween daughter. The guys in the band are just a little older than my batch I guess. They still sound the same, almost look the same except for the hair of the lead vocalist, Joey Generoso. I like his hair long actually.

To compensate for not watching them live, I have been listening to their songs through YouTube. And here's one of my favorites, Set You Free.

But here's one song I truly loved during early 2000.

And I love Joey Generoso's hair in this video, their version of Let the Pain Remain.


lisaflor said...

aww i also love side A's music. My favorite is Forevermore.

Lynn said...

Sayang nga I was not able to join them to watch Side A. Next time! :)