Jun 10, 2007

Six Weird Things and an Interview

The first meme was a tag from Salen. Here are some "unique" things about me. :)

Six Weird Things About Me

1. I keep the DVD of Prison Break in my laptop's disc drive all the time. Anytime that I want to take a peek of any of the episodes (or should I say Wentworth Miller), I can. Anytime. I guess this is not weirdness but an obsession. Haha!

2. I love chocolate cake but I have to have something salty with it. Like potato chips or fries. Here's a proof. Had some snack at Chocolat. Since there are no chips sold at the said restaurant, I asked my husband if he can buy me some chips or fries from any of the stores nearby.

3. Listening to music is quite an extreme activity for me. There are times I don't finish a whole song. I go to the next song even before it's finished. I can't even stay put on a radio station. I keep on station surfing until I find a song that I like. And if there's nothing that I like, I play a cd but then I skip songs and listen only to the songs that I like, sometimes over and over. I guess my daughter Andz got this habit. :) This goes on usually in the car on the way to work. The hubby gave up asking me to stop this.

4. I love the smell of new books, notebooks and magazines. I go to my favorite bookstore to take time to browse on the pages of a particular book before I buy it. As I browse, I can't help but smell the pages also, well discreetly. Hehe.

5. I love watching horror movies but it gets into me. I can't sleep properly for a few days.

6. I text someone and right after sending it, I find myself calling the person to get a faster response. This is being impatient I guess. Guilty as charged.

I will be tagging some bloggers after checking if they haven't done this yet. :)


The interview of one blogger to another has been going on in blogs. I wanted to join the fun so I asked Julie to send me questions. Here they are:

1. If you were to choose your fate, would you choose the life you have now or would have rather have a different life? Please explain.
I would still choose my life now mainly because I would like to have the same family. They're the best. My life too is generally good, great even throughout the years. With setbacks, yes, but nothing that God cannot handle for me. :) But to be realistic about it, I will edit the things that I should have not done in the first place especially when I was still a teenager and choose do the right and sensible things.

2. I know that you treasure your only daughter. What if one day she tells you that someone from school is bullying her, teasing and calling her names. What would you do?
*I will not go on a rampage but I will empathize with my daughter.
*I will get all the details so I can have a good reading of what is happening.
*I will also tell her bullying is not right but definitely, retaliation is out of the question.
*I will tell her I am going to do something about it. I believe it is important that a child knows you are listening to what he/she is telling and if there is something that needs to be done, he/she has to know one way or another. Like adults, I believe children also don't want to be kept in the dark. The assurance should always be there that whatever they are saying are important.
*Definitely I will inform the teacher so he/she will be extra observant of the students' behavior.
*I will teach or help my daughter how to "counter" bullying. I will tell her to seek help from her teacher or an adult when someone is bullying her.
*But the best "shield" I believe is to support my daughter's confidence level so she can face up with the bullying in school. This is not about hitting back or doing the same thing, definitely not. But having that confidence even as a child will definitely serve her as bully-proof. :)

Let me also say that when our child is bullied, we should also check why they are being bullied. Is it lack of social skills? Is it being poor academically? We just have to get to it further to correct them the soonest possible time.

3. If you were to choose a "perfect vacation" for your family, where and what would it be?
The U.S., either in California or Las Vegas. My whole family is there, my parents and my sister and brother. I just want us all to be together again. That would be a great vacation!

4. What charity or community or organization would you be willing to support? Why?
In my own little way, I have supported several organizations that take care of our old, our young, our single mothers. Participated even in Gawad Kalinga. But there are these organizations I have been looking at and wanting to be a part of actively but one at a time. What's the most doable for me is to get involved in Children's Hour (which is affiliated I believe with UNICEF).

5. If you were to put up your own restaurant, what kind of cuisine would you be serving? Why?
I used to be in the Food Industry. The most lucrative really is the fastfood - burgers, quick fix value meals, the like. But personally, I will go for Italian cuisine and a cake shop. I love pasta and I love baking! :)


julie said...

Lynn, thanks for taking time to answer the interview questions. I hope you enjoyed the meme.

I like the way you love how things are in your life right now. Yes, there were mistakes but what is important is that we learn from these.

Very detailed about how and what you will do if (let's hope not) your daughter would be a subject of bullying.

Nice to know you want to spend time with your family and siblings who are abroad for a vacation.

Supporting a charity or community is a nice gesture. Helping others is a kind and noble act.

Hmmmm...I would definitely be a customer in your restaurant.

Again, thanks so much.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. I did this meme before but I don't mind doing another version. Just give me some time to come up with a fresh list. I'm sure I can think of more weird things about myself. LoL!

If I had a laptop I would do the same. I'm sure you already know who I will feast on. :)

#2 is quite unusual. I haven't tried the combination but I'll never know unless I try. Right?

We share #5. I love watching horror films but my imagination works overtime after that.

I enjoyed reading your interview. I learned a lot from #2. I was bullied when I was in grade school and I hope my son will never experience it.

SASSY MOM said...

Hi, Lynn!

Thanks for playing along even though you're quite busy, you still found the time to do it.

NWay, guilty rin ako with #6 ... I find myself calling them after texting... auper-impatient!

sasha said...

I hopped here through Rach's blog. I have a similar habit when it comes to listening to music. Hahaha.. And here I thought I'm the only one who's like that :)

Happy Tuesday po :)

SexyMom said...

I wonder what your song list will be in your iPod, if you move from one song to another, and play the same song over and over again.

as to books, i, too, love the smell of newbooks in a bookstore (i like smelling them by the multitudes)

amy said...

these were all great answers. It was so nice to get to know you a bit..Glad I stopped by

Lynn said...

JULIE, I enjoyed answering them. :) Carried away in detailing about the bullying question. Haha. I wouldn't want that to happen to my daughter. Well, no parent does. :)

RACH, Thanks, that's so sweet of you to find time to get a fresh list. :)
On #2, it's just me I guess. Lol.

SALEN, Anytime. I like memes. My blog is full of them. :D

SASHA, thanks for the visit. At least, I now know another one w/ the same habit as mine's. :)

SEXYMOM, My husband would tell my music should be a remix, the kind that only plays the chorus and on to another song. Hehe.

AMY, I'm glad to see you're here too. :D

lady cess said...

me too, i love the smell of new books, new notebooks. ang kinis-kinis pa ng papel, parang hindi dapat sulatan :D

pareho tayo, horror movies have an effect on me. kaya kahit gusto ko panoorin, i have the discipline to say no, kasi ... hay naku, you have no idea what can happen to me. weird no, kasi ang tanda ko na e.

Lynn said...

CESS, I guess there horror movies are not discriminating when it comes to age. Hehe. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. My new list is up. Enjoy the rest of the week.