Dec 14, 2007

More Blog Badges

They say what goes around comes around. Look here, I've got badges once again. Blog awards have been going on in the blogosphere and I'm glad to say I've been getting some of them. Thank you very much. :)

This is long overdue but I'd like to thank Julie for giving me my second I Love Your Blog Award. She said "you may not post that much but I can sense you would, when given more time. It is nice to wait for your posts." That felt good. :)

Liza handed me this award.

Bodacious. Iluvet! It's the first time that I encountered this badge. I want to blurt out, "Cowabunga!". Thanks, Liza!

And the next badge I got from Jessie because I commented on one of her posts. Thank you, you're such an appreciative person. A welcome surprise too because Mayi gave me the same Friendship Award.

I'll spread the love and give away these awards too. There are a number of blogs that I love. More often than not I am a silent lurker. I guess I need to comment more. I'd be more open in appreciating posts which I truly like.

I fancy food blogs. I love going to blogs with loads of photos and information about food. Some of the food blogs I frequent are Eating Asia, 80 Breakfasts, Market Manila, Baking Bites, The Girl Who Ate Everything, Chocolate & Zucchini and The Traveler's Lunchbox.

And for the Bodacious blogs, I'd like to give this to Toni. Hers is one of the remarkable blogs that I read. One thing that makes Toni stand out is her sincerity in relating with the visitors in her blog. She's one blogger whose posts radiates positivity. She's a natural.

I'd like to hand this award too to Manilenya. I love her posts for their honesty. Astig! :D From her posts, I could feel she is a very down to earth person with a great sense of humor.

This blog award is perfect for ECL, Eastcoastlife. ECL's posts tells me love life and laugh more. She's a good storyteller and one bubbly person. :)

For the Friendship Badge, let me hand this to Rachel, Feng, Julie, Chats, Salen, Cess. I've met them personally and I could say I feel really comfortable with them. They are nice people and no hang-ups or pretensions. Cowgirls if I may say. Is that word still being used? Haha. One thing we have in common, we are great Pinoy Mommies! :)

I'd like to give the Friendship Badge also to some of my peers in our usual photo hunts and weekend snapshots - Natalie, Carver, Sandy, Gbex, Tricotine and **"Liza"**. I thought memes are just memes, you do them for fun. That's fine, great in fact. But as I continue doing the usual photo hunts, I get to discover new people and I learn interesting snippets of things about them through these weekend staple of mine - going through blogs for photo sharing.

I have to say I get inspired even with the simplest post of how a person's day was or how they had bonding time with their family. Or how the night out with friends went through. Some blogs just make me smile. I love blogging and the bloggers which make blogging worthwhile! :)

I still have tags to do. I'll do them after the weekend memes. :D


Toni said...

Oh wow Lynn! Super thank you for this! I'm honored you chose me to receive the Bodacious Blog award. How flattering. What a great way to kick off my Friday. Thank you!!

Carver said...

Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for passing on the friendship badge to me. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and I, like you, enjoy learning about people through the photo memes. I didn't even know they existed until not so long ago but I've come to really look forward to photohunt and weekend snapshot. I'm very behind on passing on awards so it may take me a while to do it but I greatly appreciate you thinking of me. Take care, Carver

manilenya said...

wow Lynn!! we hardly know each other and yet here you are saying good things about me...napapawow na lang ako :) ..thanks a lot po ..teka alin dyan kasi hehehe dami e :)

thank you again ....nandyan ka ba I want to do it now e lol!! pagnalipasan kasi ng araw di ko na nagagawa e..hope you're there thanks :)

Lynn said...

MANILENYA, andito naman ako, paalis pa lang. Silent lurker mo ako eh. :D The Bodacious Award is for you. :)

Lynn said...

TONI, You're welcome. My way of saying I enjoy it everytime I read your posts.

CARVER, I'll see you in more photo hunts. Love your pictures and how you tell their stories.

Tricotine said...

Aaaawww... Thank you so very much, Lynn! I have to say that I am very honored that we get to know each other through our weekly photos! :-))

Friendly {{{HUGS}}}!


feng said...

what a wonderful early Christmas gift. thanks for the thoughtfulness Mommy Lyn! I really appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. hope we can have another EB noh?

those blog badges you received only proved that you are one sweet and friendly blog friend around the big world of blogsphere. :)

thanks ulit!

Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for the friendship badge. You've warmed my heart on this snowy night. I too enjoy the memes for what they show me about the lives of others all over the world. This is a rich blessing, to be sure. I'm glad you're part of it!

Anonymous said...

lynn, thanks for the badge, and the words you used to describe me/us. honestly, you come across as a definite cowgirl to me too. cowgirls rock! :D

- lady cess

Natalie said...

Thank you very much! :) That made my day!

julie said...

Thanks, Lynn. Hope I did not pressure you to post more often but that would be wonderful too :)

Thanks for taking time to comment in my blog, the links are very slow in coming in. These are not updated and I don't know why.

Take care and see you at the PH tomorrow.


GBex said...

wowww, LYNN, I do appreaciate your tagging me-indeed you are right, memes are meant not only for one thing but for many things and most important of them all is to get to know people around the world, gain acquaintances and develop friendships among the people of the different part of the world!... have a blessed day to you my dear friend!....

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congratulations! Well done! Have a nice weekend, Lynn.

Heart of Rachel said...

Thank you Lynn for this sweet gesture. I appreciate that you thought of me. I will share it on my blog soon. Take care!

Lynn said...

TRICOTINE, You're welcome! I'll see your entries these weekend. :)

FENG, I really hope we have another EB. And mas matagal sana yung chikahan. :D

SANDY, It feels good that I've warmed your heart. You're welcome.

CESS, I agree, cowgirls rock!

NATALIE, You're welcome. I'm glad to have made your day.

JULIE, No, not really. :) But I resolve to blog more as this proves to be a productive activity.

GBEX, Hi! I really appreciate meeting new peole through my blog and my blog hopping. :)

JUDY, I miss you! :D I'm so happy to see you here.

RACHEL, You're welcome! :)

unknownparticle said...

hehehe! sayang di ako bumalik :) nasama ko sana sa entry kagabi :)

maraming salamat po :)

unknownparticle said...

hehehe ako pala yun si manilenya :)

Chateau said...

Hi Lynn! Wow, thank you for the Friendship badge, i really appreciate it! And thank you too for the friendship! Sana we could get together one of these days no? kahit the qc-chapter lang, hehe