Apr 6, 2008

Wanted: A Good Web Host

I have been blogging for almost two years. In that span of time I had several templates already. I don't even remember anymore how many exactly. I have always wanted a clean look, a professional look. I learned how to play with HTML codes. I am still not an expert but I at least know how to put in backgrounds, change colors, modify widths, the basic.

I guess I would be in perennial search of a perfect template. I love changing templates though what I have now has been here for several months already. I am in search again.

I am already familiar with some blogs with free and paid templates site suited with my blog host. Just that sometimes when I go back, these sites are gone already or under maintenance. If I am the author of these kinds of blogs, I would see to it that my web host's technical capability is on the up side. No downtime or at least minimal glitches that would affect the site and the author's standing or credibility.

As I searched for templates again I came to a site where an entry about web hosting was posted. It's a familiar web site for me since I have tried its free blogger templates before. At least I know that the author is very dedicated in keeping up the site for his and his readers' and customers' sake.

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ellen said...

hello lyn!nice to be here again miss yah!