Apr 17, 2008

Bonding Moments

I collaborated doing this entry for Thursday Thirteen with my daughter. I had fun, we had fun! I just typed away whatever comes our mind. I can consider this one of our bonding moments too. And here are some more of our bonding time...

1. We watch Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Hannah Montana together. We love the show to bits.

2. We shop together for our fab clothes. <--- posted by my dear daughter

3. We go to the beauty salon for our haircut and my nail spa.

4. Even reviewing her homework is a bonding time for us.

5. I accompany her on her school and summer activities. She sometimes requests that I go on leave so I can bring her to her summer activity. She's currently a kiddie crew at McDonald's. :)

6. We bake on weekends! Well, most weekends.

7. We scout for new books to buy in our favorite bookstore...Fully Booked.

8. We read magazines together...hers is Total Girl and mine is Good Housekeeping.

9. We borrow each others' bags actually. She has this bag she calls her "armpit bag". What a term. Lol!

10. We go to our favorite music store to buy our CDs. She goes for Miley Cyrus and Naked Brothers Band and I go for Maroon 5 and the like.

11. She does my "facial" at night. We actually play spa and pretends that she's doing a facial to me while removing my make-up.

12. We laugh at each others' bloopers. And that's a lot.

13. My daughter actually does some coaching when I post in my blog. She has her opinion what photos I should be posting and right now, she's coaching on what I should be including here. **Love you daughter, so much! :)**


Adelle said...

I watch Hanna Montanna with my girls too LOL It's at least a half hour a day, we laugh together.

Happy T13!

raqgold said...

i would love to be doing these things with my girls soon - although teka lang, shopping and eating out e go na rin pala :D watching tv is not really my thing e. how are you, lynn :)

Faizal said...

Hi there, just dropping by to say Hello,

I found your blog from the Big Bang Master List.

Have a nice day.

rowena said...

Hi Lyn, saya naman bonding time nyo. My girls (Nicole, Gabbie & Bea) love Hanna Montana too. Plus Zach and Codie (The Suite Life). And I also watch the show with them. While Pio naman is enjoying the annoying Mr. Bean, ha ha...