Feb 15, 2009

Be Mine

It's been a while since I participated in Unconscious Mutterings and all other memes that I usually join. I had a meme fatigue I guess. I am wading through my stream of consciousness. That's what I mostly post about in my other blogs.

Today's a full day. It's a Sunday I know but there are works which needs to be done. I'm on a relax mode now. Just watching reruns of Dirty, Sexy, Money while doing this week's UM. I believe my blogging mojo (meme posting I mean) is back.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Be mine :: I'll take care of you.
2. Ecstatic :: Euphoric
3. Orderly :: Organized
4. Sebastian :: Bach (ex-frontman of Skid Row)
5. Sore :: Thumb
6. Don’t need :: Give them away.
7. Rockstar :: Uncombed hair (ooh, I'm stereotyping. Lol.)
8. Tinfoil :: Silver
9. Addiction :: Books
10. Where? :: To infinity and beyond! (I just remembered this line from Toy Story.)

Have a great week ahead! :)


Shirl said...

I like your #2! Thanks for visiting my mutterings! Happy Sunday!

milet @ lupusurvivor.com said...

oh i love your number 10. to infinity and beyond! lol.

thanks for the visit.