Feb 22, 2009


After all the morning activities up to early afternoon, it's nice to get back to bed and cuddle with my daughter. It's Sunday afterall!

We watched Iron Chef and something about fashion presenting creations of DKNY, Kimora, Ana Sui among others. We had fun goofing around while marveling at the chefs wonderful concoctions and food presentations and the models' out of this world hairstyles and wardrobes.

And then we decided to go separate ways - she goes to take a bath and I go to my laptop. :) It's time for my unconscious mutterings for the week.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Carpet :: Alladin
2. William :: The Prince
3. Oh! :: Wide eyes
4. Board game :: Chess
5. Sunlight :: Mornings
6. Delay :: Late
7. Winner :: ...takes it all
8. Concubine :: a play (Farewell My Concubine)
9. Comatose :: In deep sleep
10. Satisfy :: Satiate

Happy Sunday!


Duchess of the Digital Quill said...

Looks like we had the same idea for #1!

dragonmage said...

Great mutterings. I like your answer to #3. ^_^
Feel free to drop by and see my answers.

milet said...

yeah, aladdin. i forgot about him since i always think of cleaning when i see a carper. lol.

thanks for dropping by my mutterings.