Feb 26, 2009

Spend Wisely, Give Wisely

Last holiday I spent a huge percentage of my time going around different malls to find the best buys for my family and my friends. Gift-giving is a tradition I practice, as well as the whole family, since I was a child. Inspired by my mother's generosity, I would always prepare for tokens, even small ones, for people that matter to me most especially.

My family lives in a different country. Sending gifts to each other, greetings through our webcams are one of the many ways we keep in touch. I see to it that I send them things they need and want on special occasions and even if there are no occasions. Just a spur of the moment thing.

But it happens that I don't know anymore what exactly to give to them. Like for Valentine's Day, what else can I send that they do not have yet? Or what do they really want? Leaning on practicality, I'd like to give them gifts that they can really use. My dilemma is interests change especially for the young ones. Or in the case of my mother, sister and sister in law who are all great shoppers, they may already have what I want to give them - the latest shirt styles, flipflops, electronic gadgets, even kitchen gadgets.

With the economy still trying to settle for a better shape, I have to make sure every money is spent wisely. Well, at whatever financial situation we are in, it's best that we manage well our expenses. One of the ways is ensuring whatever we buy is worth it and we are happy with it and so are the recipients if it's a gift. Maybe they can choose our gifts for them themselves. :)

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maiylah said...

i agree ... we must spend wisely, specially during these times!

hope it's ok, Lynn ... tagged you. :)