Jun 23, 2009

September Hideaway

My cousin will visit Manila this year. She will be with her husband who is a first time visitor of our country. This should be exciting. She was planning to stay in Manila for a few days and fly to Hongkong afterwards. But plans changed. It would be better to tour her husband in the Philippines. It would be great to show him the beauty of our country. I agree to that.

He loves fishing and the outdoors. This country has a wealth of exotic places, nature's wonder one can truly be proud of. I would like to suggest an itinerary. I would like him to see Batanes for one. It is a lovely place where a visitor, local or not, feels he can be one with nature and speak to them, relate to them and be awed at their splendid beauty.

My cousin and I are exchanging emails talking about their forthcoming vacation among other things. The first thing she asked me is about where they can stay. She wants to have an unforgettable visit with her husband but she wants to be wise in spending money.

I helped her scout for hotels they can stay, a fine hotel accessible to the metropolis as they will be staying for a week in Mega Manila before their island hopping. Accor Hotels City Super Sale is having a limited sale for bookings from June 23 to June 29, for stays between July 10 and September 30. My cousin will be here on September. This is just great! A savings of up to 60% is a wonderful deal. I have just found a hotel which at the heart of Mega Manila's north area where they can have a comfortable stay.

We are on to a chat later and can't wait to tell her this good news.


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