Jul 20, 2009

Movies You've (Almost) Walked Out On

The sharing for this week's movie meme is to post about movies you have walked out on or at least you thought of walking out on. This is quite hard for me since I either watch movies or I don't. If I sit and start watching, I watch it till the end no matter how inane the movie seems to be. This goes for both watching in the cinema and DVD at home. Well, yes, if it's on cable, it's easy to change channels but that's too many too even register on my mind. Haha.

So let me think hard what movie I almost walked out on.

1. Cloverfield - I stopped watching for a while because it made my husband really dizzy. It's a disaster movie presented in such a way that it was recorded from a digital camcorder during the chaotic event which made the camera really shaky. Imagine that.

2. Blair Witch Project - I got really scared watching this. I have to stop and breathe and wait for my husband so we can watch it together.

3. Rosemary's Baby - Oh my, this movie gave me the creeps.

Let's see what the others have to share at The Bumbles Blog.


Lindsey said...

Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I tell ya, I could not fathom MIB2 for the life of me ;)

I think you have good choices, although I refuse to watch Blair Witch Project; too spooky for me, and I know I'd have nightmares for days!

The Bumbles said...

I was annoyed with the Blair Witch Project when we saw it at the theater since we knew by then that it was all a hoax and the promotions that it was a true story were exposed. But it was a genius concept.

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