Nov 23, 2009

Movies: Victory

I have been quite delinquent with my blogging lately as my schedule is just full and so is everyone in the family. Facebook and Twitter eat my online time at night before I finally go to bed. The evening is spent having dinner, sometimes late dinner at eight in the evening just in time when my daughter had finished her school works and had a good afternoon sleep (which extends till early evening).

I am getting used to my additional work load and not as rattled as the past weeks. So I take this opportunity to blog and do some of my favorite meme like The Bumbles Bog's Monday Movie Meme. Today's movie theme is all about victory. Let me have my take.

1. High School Musical 1 - It's victory for the class because they were able to break the stereotype basketball superstars and the scholars. They were able to excel in both sports and in their creative passion. One even showed potential in preparing creme brulee. How's that for major victory? :)

2. Dead Poet Society - Victory for the students and their mentor for unleashing the passion within them - break the status quo, explore, CARPE DIEM!

3. Home Alone - Harhar. Sweet victory for a little boy, don't we all know this?

Let me leave this post at three movies. Couch potato time with the hubby. Enjoy the rest of the week! :)

Oh boy I just have to log in again and add this.

4. The Karate Kid - Ralph Macchio is one of the celebrities I follow in Twitter. I heard there's going to be a remake with Will Smith's son, Jaden, as Daniel LaRusso. Daniel with Miyagi's help achieved victory versus his more buffed nemesis.

Okay, that's it! :)


Anonymous said...

I have the Karate Kid on my list too, but I never thought of following Ralph on Twitter.

Heather said...

Have not seen the first one, but am wondering how I could forget the other three. Excellent choices! My post is HERE.

Heather said...
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Heather said... is the correct link to my post.

boliyou said...

Great choices! Thanks for remembering "The Karate Kid," one of the classic David vs. Goliath movies.

The Bumbles said...

Dead Poet's Society is a good one - Robin Williams certainly was inspiring in that role. Made me want to stand up on my table when I first rented it like they did on their desks ;0)

Chris said...

i love Dead Poet's Society! :D