Jul 11, 2010

Unconscious Mutterings #28

I am resurrecting this blog. :) Got home from church activities an hour ago. Just finished lunch and now relaxing.

My Unconscious Mutterings for the day.....

I say ... and you think ... ?

Dickens :: Charles
Collection :: Notebooks (yes, I love collecting notebooks, the paper kind.)
Weekends :: Fun!!!
Travel :: Most awaited by the family
District :: 3 (That's our area. We are in District 3 of this city.)
Vampires :: Cullens!
Peep show :: TV show
Crochet :: My mom and grandmom (father's mom) love this.
Lion :: Lamb ("And the lion fell in love with the lamb". Lol. A line by Edward Cullen to Bella Swan, Twilight.)
Fetch :: Pick up

Happy weekend!


julie said...

Pareho tayo sa Vampires :D

Glad to see you blogging again Lynn, that FB is the root of all blogging hiatus :D

Hope to see you soon

Lynn said...

Haha, this blog plus the food blog were in hiatus modes but Life Bliss is not. I post there occassionally, maybe twice to 3x a month. FB was not really the culprit. Too many work load but I found the blogging spirit again. :)

Amanda Moore (Moorebloglife) said...

Notebooks would make for a very interesting collection! My mom crocheted too but I never had the patience to learn!
Have a wonderful Monday!

Lynn said...

Same here, Amanda. I don't have the patience on crocheting nor anything that needs needles and threads. LOL>