Mar 5, 2007

Along the Road

One Saturday afternoon I brought my daughter along with me going to Serendra to meet my groupmates in class. As always, we say a little prayer before we leave home. Hubby has his own business that day so it was a mother-daughter bonding along the road. We took a cab and everything was going smoothly except when we reached QC Circle or what you call the Elliptical Road. Anybody familiar with the area know that it's quite chaotic there. Vehicles going to the right are on the left side and the vehicles going left are on the right side. Just imagine how all sorts of vehicles criss-cross at any given time on any given day. But I can deal with those. I'm used to the scenario.

There was this truck carrying a container van which do not have any lock or support to make it stable. That's the first thing I check whenver I see one alongside our vehicle. More than buses and unruly motorists, I fear those huge container vans which seem to give in and collide with the nearest vehicle anytime that it hit any protrusion on the highway. When I saw it inching the cab's way, as in it nearly hit our cab, I sort of panicked and told the driver to just give in. Maybe I said it in a slightly raised voice. Who would calm me down but my dearest daughter.

"Mommy, it's okay. Nag-pray naman tayo eh." The only thing I was able to utter was "oh, yes". It struck me and at the same time I felt some shame on myself. Suffice it to say my daughter's words made a whole lot of sense. That's one of the reasons why we pray, to keep us from harm's way. And me of little faith didn't realize it, it wasn't my top of mind. Fear was on my mind. Sometimes we learn a lot from an innocent child - take to heart what we do and don't be consumed by worries and fears.
At least try not to be affected too much by unfounded worries. I'd do just that.


Toni said...

Children have a way of awakening us, don't they? This reminds me of a scene from Crash. Have you seen that movie? I won't share the example first lest I give you a spoiler!

Dine said...

take it from the mouth of babes. there is no use worrying too much. for all that we care, worry or not, if it is meant to happen, it will happen. and yes, there's not better thing than faith in the good Lord. God bless you and your daughter.

Lynn said...

Toni, I've seen Crash. I like the treatment of the movie, paths criss-crossing like each one has his own story to tell. Can't remember though what scene reminds you of my post. :)

Dine, Thanks! Sometimes I get caught up with all the mundane things.