Mar 11, 2007

Photo Hunt 1: Architecture


This is my first post for the Photo Hunt. The theme for this Saturday, March 10, is Architecture. The photos above were taken a few weeks back during a workgroup with my classmates. We met at my classmate's office in RCBC Plaza. I took part of Makati Central Business District's landscape while we were having a break.

City landscapes fascinates me sometimes. Offhand, they speak of progress, a fast paced life, a concrete jungle as they say. Oftentimes, for no specific reason, I just love looking at them especially the city lights at night.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn! Welcome to the Photo Hunt. You did great on your first entry.

I'm amazed at how fast the development is in our country. It seems skyscrapers are being built left and right.

I love the city lights too. When I was still working in Ayala, I would gaze outside the window to see the bright lights of Makati before going home. I miss it.

Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your visit earlier. Thanks for wanting to link me. It would be an honor to exchange links.

Take care and enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

Very nice first photos!
This is my first one, too.

Marcia said...

I love city lights, don't see enough of them. Love the angles you took both photos from. The bottom picture and building, I really love.

Lynn said...

Thanks RACHEL. I'm quite a photo buff, an amateur, but I really do love taking snapshots of anything that I feel like taking a click on. That's why I'm quite excited with Photo Hunt. I'll be linking your site already. :)

CATS-GOATS-QUOTES, thanks for the visit!

MARCIA, thanks, I appreciate your compliments. :) I wonder why you don't see much of city lights.

TNChick said...

Wow, what a view!! That first photo is stunning but the second is my fave! Great shots!!

Lynn said...

TNChick, Thanks! :D *grinning from ear to ear*