Mar 21, 2007

My VisualDNA

Before anything else, congratulations to Hubby G! His email was chosen as "Letter of the Month" by the Top Gear guys. Haha! :) Big deal. But it was fun seeing his short and 'cute' note published in his favorite car magazine. And for that he got summer goodies - sunscreen, sunblock and dark tanning. Haha! But the better give away is the gift certificate worth P2,000 of gasoline from Total. That will save us a week's budget of gasoline. Good enough.


This is my VisualDNA. I got the link from Rach. I had a good time making my choices. *Though I meant kid as in my daughter instead of "kids" in one of the slides. Will edit as soon as. :)


Internet connection is acting up on me. I had my laptop configured yesterday in my school so I can have access to their wifi. I guess the librarian at the computer room did something I don't know (obviously) because at home now, I cannot connect I am connected through our router but I cannot browse. :( There are times I cannot work or post if it's not my laptop I am using. And then our DSL connection gets cut every 20 minutes or so. And Blogger is having some glitches. Hmmm. This means I better sleep before I get disconnected again. Sweet dreams! :)


Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats to your husband. My husband is a fan of Top Gear too. P2K worth of gas is a nice prize.

Thanks for sharing your VisualDNA. I think it's a nice way to share some things about oneself.

Take care!

Lynn said...

Thanks Rachel!

And the VisualDNA site is nice to look at even in its beta phase. I even put it in my friendster account. :)