Mar 10, 2007

Friday's Feast No.1

What is your usual bedtime? Do you like that, or would you rather it be different?

Around 11 pm to 12 midnight. I do a lot of things during the night. I check my daughter's school works, I watch tv, I read, I blog and surf the net, etcetera. Well, eleven in the evening is fine by me since I'm able to do the things I've mentioned before getting really sleepy.

When it comes to advice, do you give more or receive more?

I give more. I'm naturally interested with what one has to say. I guess they sense that in me. Most just tell their stories on and on and I find myself giving an advice or two.

Describe a memorable meal you've had.

One of the memorable meals I've had was when we had our breakfast in a hotel after spending New Year's eve (2005) on the 22nd floor. What a good morning, feeling so refreshed. It was, and still is, special because it gives me that great feeling of being so bonded with my family.

Main Course
Name a work of fiction that affected the way you think about something.

I have not just one but three works of fiction. One, a book, The Little Prince. I took to heart the quotable quotes that I am able to relate to in this book. Another book, Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, if you want something so much, the universe will conspire for you to achieve it. The other one's a movie, one of my all time favorites, Cinema Paradiso. Reflections on one's young life, one's youth and adulthood.

What is your favorite type of fruit juice?

No, not avocado. Ripe mango juice! Quenches my thirst so easily. And I like the color, the presentation in a clear tall glass with a bended straw, and a tiny slice of ripe mango fruit on the side.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. I enjoyed your feast.

Wow, New Year's Eve in a hotel. I've never done that with my family. I'm sure it was a great experience.

What a nice coincidence. I love The Little Prince too. Such a remarkable and touching story.

I love ripe mango juice too. I occasionally order green mango shake in the restaurant.

Lynn said...

It was an experience. Just family in the room, the bonding was really great!