Jul 7, 2007

Photo Hunt 17: Fake


My family and I had our dinner last night at the newly opened Lamesa Grill at, where else, the second mall nearest us, Trinoma. As it had always been, I surveyed the interior and these caught my attention, the rain showers in the middle of the dining area and the bamboos which separate one table from another.

But of course, the rain showers are just coming from a shower hidden around the wooden band.

But the bamboo looks for real. Checking it further, the inside is not hollow but solid. It must be made of rattan.


Last night was our second try at Lamesa Grill, owned by the Philippines' mega actress, Miss Sharon Cuneta and senator-husband, Francis Pangilinan. We had lunch at their branch at Mall of Asia a few months back. I would say the interior there is a lot better than what they have here at Trinoma. Here, it's very cramped. They tried to make the place cozy by putting in the falls, hanging veneer lamps, the rain showers, the bamboos but the place is not as comfortable as their first branch. Some tables have an awkward size that three seats make it all boxed in but leaving two seats make it really spacious.

The food is good though. We ordered the Lamesa Combo consisting of lengua, chicken barbecue, pork barbecue, baked scallops and tahong, grilled tanigue and prawns. Just take out those 'deadly black carcinogens' when you have your grilled food. One of our favorite dish is the tortang talong (eggplant omelette) - boiled eggplant with ground pork wrapped in scrambled egg topped with garlic and parsley. Very tasty.

The service is great. The food servers are very attentive and quick to respond to every query. Considering it was peak, it didn't take long for them to get our orders, deliver them to our table and bring in our bill. Normally, in most fast-casual restaurants, these three activities take around ten to fifteen minutes each.

What's good also was the 20% discount they offered for every meal. Just show the Lamesa Grill flyer and that will entitle you to a discount. Good enough. :)

***I'll be out, I will be visiting other photo hunters later tonight. :)


maiylah said...

haven't been there, yet. didn't know it was owned by Sharon Cuneta and hubby Senator! lol.
wonderful shots!
now if only i can persuade my son to eat grilled food instead of the raw fish (sashimi) that he loves! :D

salamat sa pagbisita kanina,
and enjoy your weekend! :)

Amber said...

WOW! it rains inside, great pix!

Thanks for stopping by.

0:) Amber

tegdirb92 said...

what great shots!! The food looks so good :)

Biker Betty said...

The rain made for a great photo. Love your photos. Now I'm hungry, lol.

Happy Saturday, Biker Betty :)

jmb said...

That sounds like a great restaurant foodwise if doubtful decorationwise.
Thanks for telling us about it and thanks for visiting.

Mama Bear June said...

Cool place! FAKE Photo Hunt

srp said...

Wow! Love the rain showers... so soothing. And that food looks delicious... the food was REAL wasn't it?

PowersTwinB said...

I would love to see one of those rain showers in a restaraunt here in Michigan, USA...its spectacular I think! Fake, yes, but gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my hunt today!

Gattina said...

Honnestly when the food is good, I don't care that much about the decoration. It's better to eat well then to eat bad with a nice decoration.

CRIZ LAI said...

Nice sharing. I am still drooling over the food now. Happy 070707 and a Happy Weekend :) http://crizlai.blogspot.com/2007/07/photo-hunters-fake.html

Candice said...

Gorgeous decoration, even if it is fake!!
The food looks extra yummy, too!!

ipanema said...

Oh, lovely interiors! I'll be bookmarking this. Thanks for the review of the place. :)

Incog & Nito said...

Mmmm the food looks great and the fake interior is fine too. Happy weekend.

julie said...

Where is it located?

Btw, have a great weekend!

Renee said...

Very nice shots and great choice for the theme. The food looks great.

Mine is up too.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. I haven't been to Trinoma mall yet nor have I tried eating at the Lamesa Grill. Thanks to that photo of delicious looking meals, I already know what to order when I get the chance to go there with my family. Thanks for the sharing the info about the restaurant. Didn't know it was owned by Sharon Cuneta.

Thanks for the visit. What a wonderful coincidence that our children share the same birthday. Advance happy birthday to your lovely daughter. How old will she be on her coming bday?

YTSL said...

Re the restaurant: Nice decor (including the fake bamboo) and VERY delicious looking food! Wish I were closer to the Philippines... ;b

crazy working mom said...

Awesome photos! You made me hungry. :)

Thanks for the visit.

Dragonheart said...

Very cool! Great photos. :) Nice choices for fake. :)

YellowRose said...

Nice decor, great looking food...I love trying new resturants, so this post is right up my alley!

Happy Weekend!

meeyauw said...

Wow, it was a pretty place. The food! So much and things I have never heard of before!

Heather said...

Great pictures. Wonderful choice. :)

chateau said...

Mukhang ang sarap naman sa Lamesa Grill. My family and I have not really explored Trinoma yet, in spite of being sooo near to our home too. haha
I hope to bump into you there one of these weekends :)

SASSY MOM said...

Nice pics!

I am soo tempted to try LaMesa Grill. Already told my hubby to bring me there.

thanks for sharing!

Gran - (Angela) said...

This meal must have been relaxing with the sounds of the rain inside.
Food looks outstanding.

Have a wonderful day!

Please visit:

MommyBa said...

I didn't know that Sharon and Kiko have their own restaurant already. I don't think I will ever visit Trinoma for proximity reasons. QC's definitely not for me.

Food looks good to me. I'll bring my family members at their MOA branch when I have the time :)

Here's mine:

Happy weekend!

MonkeyWong said...

Nice shot!
I also want to go.....