Jul 10, 2007

My Simpson

This is cute. I couldn't resist posting this at this ungodly hour. It's way past my bedtime, *big grin*.

Here's my Simpson Avatar.

Haha, I'm way bigger than what is projected by this avatar. But not as big as the last choice in the 'built section'. It's just a movie anyway, so let me. :) I normally wear my hair down but lately, I keep it in a scroonchie. That means I am needing a haircut. (And I really have to explain my hairstyle, 'no?)

When you go around Springfield Town in the Simpson's website, you might just find yourself one of the characters, even "wanted" at that. Look at me. I'm there. :)

Have some fun and visit the site, The Simpsons Movie.


maiylah said...

cool! i wonder what you and Homer were talking about ... :)
will visit the site in a bit.
thanks for dropping by! :)

Lynn said...

Cool, yes, haha. Cute, cute site. :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn! How cool! Thanks for sharing the link. I'll check it out later and maybe I can find my alter ego too. :)

Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

You're welcome. You'd love the site.

chateau said...

haha, that is so cute! Hmmm.. wala ka magawa no? hehe

Lynn said...

Chats, correct! Pangpatulog! :)