Aug 10, 2007

Belated Post on Some Good Things

I did not post anything when my first year of blogging had its anniversary on July 17. I was pretty busy I guess. And my mind was on my daughter's birthday celebration at school the following day. Anyway, this is a belated post. I was a reluctant blogger in the sense that I rarely blog hopped during my first few months and I blog sporadically. I appreciate the comments even then but they all disappeared when I transferred my content to the template of my practice-blog where I hone whatever little there is of my html skills.

There a lot of good things blogging has given me. I am writing again. I may have not produced a literary masterpiece or something that will catapult this blog to internet stardom but I am happy just putting my thoughts down.

I love it that I was able to discover Photoshop and I'm able to create or tweak templates to my liking. Given more time and patience, I can do this better. I have always loved taking snapshots but looking at them posted on my blog is something that makes me feel good. Not that they are breathtaking but they are mine. I was able to produce something that I like looking at.

I was able to find various good reads from the different blogs I visit every now and then, blogs from different parts of the globe - Mommy blogs, men's blogs, meme, photoblogs, rant blogs, etcetera. I am loving food blogs these days! Though with time constraints, I am starting to connect with my favorite bloggers/blogs. I interact whenever I can. I am starting to get addicted actually.

I am able to participate in my own little way in a group blog started by Sean Bonner for all bloggers who want to share something from their place. For the Philippines, it's the Manila Metro Blog. And the e-zine composed of wonderful Filipino mommies around the globe - Pinoy Moms Network. The network share about how it is to bring up moms, fashion and style, raising children, home and garden and other interesting topics mom and non-moms can appreciate.

A few days ago I received a comment from White Trash Mama saying that she'd been reading my blog regularly and that she mentioned my blog on her post for the Five Blogs You Should Read. I was flattered when she posted she's completely hooked here. Thank you. :)

The other day I read Maiylah's comment that she gave me a Rockin' Girl Blogger Award. She mentioned browsing through my blog is a wonderful experience. I appreciate that. I will not turn down good deeds like these. :)

I'd like to give this Rockin' Girl Blogger Award to the following:

1. Liza, The Real Me - I like the way she tells her stories. It's very natural, spontaneous. Liza is a young mom who juggles two careers - one of them is teaching. Isn't that great! I admire women who can attend to every role she needs and wants to perform. Her profile states "I am hoping to leave a legacy that my son will be proud of".

2. Caffeinesparks - I'm a lurker in her blog. This woman's got sense, as her blog says, hear her roarrrr, though now, she's "lost in transmutation". Very cerebral. If I will have a son, I'd like him to marry someone like her. Haha, maybe that's too much but I love straightforward views and opinions. She's very honest with her POVs.

3. Judy - Judy writes about her "mundane life and reflections on life and perhaps one day, this will be a piece of treasure to her children". Judy writes so gently. I like going over her blog because she posts as if she's having a good conversation with a friend over a cup of hot tea, in a porch, overlooking a beautiful garden. I have just recently visited her but I keep on coming back. Like what I told her, her thoughts are calm but very engaging to read.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your pc desk and the link of your blog.
I'll publish on my blog!.

Thanks Frank

Judy said...

Hi Lynn, I am gobsmacked by this award from you. Truly honoured.

The thing is, I was already awarded this by east coast life and I've done this tag.

Should I do it again? :)

Lynn said...

:) You may or may not "award" somebody else.It's not mandatory anyway. But you can "brag" about another Rockin' Girl Blogger Award you receive. It's a great thing to be "awarded" several times over, isn't it?

lady cess said...

hi lynn! congrats! rak en rol! and happy first year anniv to you as a blogger. keep blogging :)

Lynn said...

CESS, thanks! :)

zahflo said...

hi! thanks for appreciating my blog, despite its imperfections (and mine too). How do I "claim" the badge? And I think I should ask you for a tutorial on how to put all those sidebar stuff like music and pictures... hehehe... email me if you have time... :-)

Thanks again! I am hoping to have the time too, to read your blogs thoroughly (puro browse lang kasi eh...)

Lynn said...

LIZA, yes, I wish there is more time for browsing the internet. :) But I'm getting addicted to it already. Sure I'll email you later or tomorrow about how you can get the badge from my site and how you can display it on your blog.

KK said...

Hi Lynn,
Thank you for dropping by my blog. I appreciate your kind words.

Belated Happy Blog anniversary. Keep on blogging!

Lynn said...

KK, thanks!

sparks said...

thanks lynn,

glad you finally posted instead of quietly lurking. i'd marry your son too if you had one! haha. will post the badge as soon as i finish my exams. again im honored.

Lynn said...

SPARKS, thanks! Good luck on your exams! :)