Aug 6, 2007

The Mane Event

This is the first Pinoy Moms Network (PMN) Family Pictures photo sharing. This is a monthly event for all members of PMN. Pictures that illustrates the theme for the month will be posted on the participant's blog every first Monday of the month. For August, it's "Glossy" and here's my take on it.

My daughter has very nice hair. It's shiny and has fine but strong strands. It's brown -black. There is no need for her to color her hair to make it lighter, unless she wants it orange, green or blue - and that will surely be a topic of debate between us. Because I would prefer red. Haha. She got the texture and the color from her daddy. That's a good thing.

My hair is bushy and curly. I envy my friends and classmates who seem to have no trouble with their hair. It's like they wake up in the morning and all they need to do is shampoo their hair, let it dry and that's it. Perfect! No need for blow dry or no need to tie them up so they won't look unruly. Believe me, I was patient in taming my hair but it just did not want to be tamed. It's everywhere.

I was thankful hair straightening was introduced in the late 80s or early 90s. It was part of my mother's budget. Now, hair relaxing and rebonding are part of my budget too. I can't help it. With my job, I do a lot of coaching, meeting people and speaking in front of an audience. I need not look ravishing (but if I could, why not), but presentable, professional enough such that the focus will not be how bushy my hair is but on what I am saying.

The most humiliating joke I got about my hair happened years ago. My boyfriend (now my husband) and I were minding our own business leisurely walking along Taft Avenue when an acquaintance of his greeted us.

"O, pare, kahapon kalbo kasama mo, ah." &*#$%)*^%&bwisit!!!
("Hey man, yesterday you were with a bald companion.")

See, people make a big joke out of my frizzy hair - some subtly, some rudely. It's my wild hair that people get to notice first, not my flawless skin, not my dimples...haha!

Well that is why I am taking good care of my daughter's hair. A big no when she asked if she can have undercurls. No chemicals for the hair. Not yet at this point. Only mild shampoo also. It is not just about being vain. We take of our assets, right? We improve on what areas we need to improve on and further strengthen what is good with us. I felt a sigh of relief when growing up, her hair proved to be really shiny, glossy and very, very manageable. Now, I wouldn't have to share the budget for my hair. It's all mine. :)

**Please click on the pictures for larger versions. The texts of the first picture is not clear with the size posted here. I used Big Huge Labs for the poster and magazine cover effect.

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Heart of Rachel said...

I agree, your daughter has lovely sraight hair. I love the magazine type presentation you did for this entry. Nice work!

I heard hair rebonding can be quite expensive but everyone deserves to be pampered from time to time. Right? :)

Connie said...

Baliktad talaga. Because I was born with fine straight hair, I always dreamed of having wavy hair a la Virginia Madsen in Electric Dreams.

Mitchteryosa said...

I love straight hair!

I was a regular customer of Freshaire, di pa kasi uso nun ang rebond at kung meron man I couldn't afford kasi student pa ako nun.

Eto kulot pa din ang buhok hahaha!

Lynn said...

RACH, Thanks for the compliment. :) My hair rebonding is about twice a year so easier to save.

CONNIE, Ako naman I prefer my hair to be like the girls of Pantene. :)

MITCHTERYOSA, Me naman, I was a regular at Jun Encarnacion's. His parlor was the pioneer in hair straightening. Kulot pa rin ang buhok ko but thanks to rebond. Haha! :)

Analyse said...

hehe, natawa naman ako when you said you want her hair red.. yep, agree with you, your daughter has to keep her hair as is, a lot of women will pay to have that hair..

feng said...

hay how envy naman talaga to have a child na girl. oh ayan, lalo pa akong nainggit sa straight hair ng daughter mo. what's her shampoo pala? kintab talaga, super glossy. :)

Shelby said...

lovely indeed .. take care and happy Monday :)

Bengbeng said...
tag done :)

lady cess said...

yup your daughter's hair is soo beautiful. pang-commercial :)

uy ako i didnt notice your hair when we met :) pramis, ang napansin ko you have friendly eyes.

raqgold said...

your daughter have lovely hair, my two girls have curly hairs and they dont want to be combed!

noemi said...

Having glossy hair is something your daughter will carry with her all her life. I remember meeting my high school classmates later in life and they remarked how my hair is still glossy. Yes, it's good you take care of her hair as much as possible without those chemicals

Lynn said...

ANALYSE, Yes, I'm telling her to appreciate what she's got because it's beautiful. :)

FENG, hehe, you can start working on a girl. :) She just uses Vaseline, the green on. Of all the shampoos she has tried, that's the most hiyang.

SHELBY, thank you! Have a great week ahead.

BENGBENG, your answers were great!

CESS, thanks! And thanks to hair rebonding too for taming my hair. :)

RAGGOLD, maybe your girls love their hair as it is. If my hair is just curly and not unruly, I wouldn't even go for hair straightening stuff. :)

NOEMI, bless your beautiful hair! And bless you for keeping it glossy from the very start. :)

conan_cat said...

ahh hair! well my hair also many people say i'm falling hair in the middle already, and i'm only 20! gosh! i wonder if it's because of my late night sleeps... like now haha

your daughter's hair is really beautiful :D hair treatments are really not for her age... maybe a few more years later i guess:D

Judy said...

Hi there, hopped over from Bengbeng's blog. I empathise with you because I too have curly hair. I started straightening my hair right after I finished my O levels.

Since I moved to Melb, the weather was much kinder to my curly hair but I still do have to wash and blow dry each morning.

Your daughter definitely has nice shiny hair.

Lynn said...

CONAN_CAT, Oh, you're quite young to have falling hair like that. The genes?

JUDY, Well that's true, my hair is worst during the summer. Better (well, somehow) during rainy season.

ScroochChronicles said...

Lovely hair!! My kids have straight hair too but not nearly as nice. Naku wag mong ipa-treatment yan, sayang. Sa parlor ang tawag nila dyan, virgin hair :)

chateau said...

Hi Lynn!
Ang ganda ng hair ng daughter mo - so silky. My kids' hair are like that too. When I was a child, my hair was so glossy and smooth but now it's all wavy! San hindi gumaya hairs ng kids ko.

maiylah's snippets said...

gorgeous!!! haven't tried rebonding, yet ...

hi, Lynn
did the 8 random facts list. :)

also gave you a rockin' girl blogger award. :)

Lynn said...

SCROOCHCHRONICLES, Oh yes, I'll preserve my daughter's natural hair glow. :)

CHATS, same here with me. I got straight hair first few years in grade school. Slowly, it became curly and thick.

MAIYLAH, thanks! :)