Jun 8, 2008

Cash Management

Husband and I belong to two different worlds when it comes to our careers. He is an entrepreneur while I am an active player in the corporate world. We have different sources of income but I can say we manage our resources accordingly. We have to be wise about our finances. We have our needs and wants, we have to manage our savings religiously as well our insurances and mortgages. Certain amounts of our incomes are already allotted to meet all the commitments I mentioned. The wants we do away with if we have to. We are very strict in terms of keeping the percentage amount we agreed on for our savings.

At times though, no matter how you think you have mastered budgeting, there are expenses that will appear that are not as scheduled. They need to be addressed immediately. Examples of unforeseen expenses are major repairs on an appliance like your air conditioning unit. Or science projects of your son or daughter at school which is exceeding its original budget. Tell me about that. I have experienced that several times. But as a mother, I have to support my daughter's activities the best way I can especially this is bringing her so much fulfillment since she was the chosen leader for their "little village" project. Mommy is there to subsidize additional expenses. Not to mention incidental expenses like snacks and dinner of her group. This lasted for two weeks mind you. But that's okay. :)

Fast cash payday loan is advantageous in this kind of situation. It offers easy payments and will help manage those unexpected expenses in between paydays. It's wiser this way as long as you settle them promptly.

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