Jun 1, 2008

Identity Theft

It is a borderless world with the advancement in technology we are experiencing in this lifetime. I am all for progress and in both efficiency and effectiveness of technology. I do a lot of my transactions through the computer. I work in a manufacturing company and the business partners of the company are in the other side of the globe. Emails and video conferencing are a great part of our work lives.

My husband, an entrepreneur, does a lot of transactions online too. Lately also I have been doing a lot of online shopping through popular online stores. I am satisfied so far but my husband always remind me to be careful in disclosing my personal data. He often sites how my father and my cousin became victims of credit card frauds. They resolved it in a short time and their money fortunately were reimbursed. It wouldn't hurt though if we are protected from identity theft.

LifeLock is a service which provides an affordable identity theft protection. It surprised me to read that this company's CEO announced to the public his social security number like inviting thieves to steal his data. But with LifeLock security, he is saying his identity will remain all his.

LifeLock Reviews states that there are other value-added services other than identity theft LifeLock has to offer. Specifically free of charge review of credit reports as well as automatic enrollment in WalletLock. It cancels or replaces items in your wallet in case they are stolen or they got lost.

Use the LifeLock Promotion Code to avail of the these privileges - avail of discounts, pay only $9 a month, use of the product free for 30 days. This will be offered on a limited time so check it out immediately.

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mattzpublic said...

I heard noises though about how Lifelock's founder got his ID stolen as well, for publishing his SSN in all those ads. I guess it's really all about combining traditional paranoia with some professional assistance. IDfreezes and trustedIDs can help, but it's really up to the individual to be careful with personal info. Especially for new grads, bombarded with all those financial officers right out of school.