Jun 13, 2008

Children's Mystery Book

It runs in the family I believe, the love for reading. I grew up seeing the adults in the family most of the time when they are in the house heads bowed down so absorbed to what it is they are reading at the time. Newspapers are a common sight in our house too. My father is a voracious reader. He loves current events and biographies. My grandfather, as far as I remember, loves history and books dealing with politics. My cousins are in my father's side collects their own books. One cousin older than I am has this collection of Mills & Boon, Sweet Valley High and the like.

I learned to read early, maybe about four years old. At five I find myself borrowing my cousin's text book from her English class, "More Stories on Parade". I almost memorized the stories that it was so easy for me to relate to them when I finally had the same book at fifth grade. Until now books are part of my monthly budget.

I can proudly say my daughter grew up loving books too. She started with nursery rhymes, The Giving Tree, Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss books. She is in her tweens now and I see that she is experimenting with different kinds of books. Ever since watching Nancy Drew, she developed an interest in mystery books. She loves adventure books all the more. She not only reads them but also searches about the author and the characters over the internet. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the computer's Home Page would be her current book interest. As a mother, I encourage my daughter's interest in reading. Sunny's adventures will definitely get my daughter's attention with its fun-filled detective stories. I checked its Buy the Book page to see its shipping methods and its prices. A call to my sister based in Vegas will probably a wise thing to do too since she loves sending my daughter different kinds of books. Here's one my daughter will surely appreciate. :)

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Mixednuts said...

I too love reading and I think children should really get introduced to reading. Kudos to you and your daughter.