Oct 22, 2008


I took a quiz about emotional intelligence at Blogthings. Through the years my EQ had shown great improvement and I'm glad about that.

Your EQ is 147

You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.

You are warm and open. Even when life gets you down, you're unafraid of the world and its challenges.

You are comfortable with who you are. And you accept your weaknesses - as well as the weaknesses of others.

While you are quite stable, you don't respond perfectly to every bad situation that comes up.

But you have enough emotional intelligence to know when you need a course correction.

I laughed out loud at the second line. Let me do it again...hahahahaha! A very annoying being is going the rounds at the office. But I am ready to forget all about what happened. I won't see him anymore I guess. Anyway, this quizzes prove to be true a lot of times. I wonder if there really is a psychologist who screens these quizzes before publishing them. :

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