Oct 12, 2008


We just had dinner. I feel so full. I am a bit tired because I was the one who cooked and prepared. And I helped my daughter finish her scrapbook on the different types of houses. It's still a week before its submission date but if we can do it now, why procrastinate? :)

Anyway, she's on her computer now browsing on the Jonas Brothers. I am in front of my laptop recharging and doing some blogging, blog-hopping and reading some mails from my personal email. Hubby is watching television while browsing on his newly purchased dictionary. How nerdy can a hubby get? :D

Here are my mutterings for this week.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Zoo :: Animals
2. Neighborhood :: Nice people
3. Salute :: Too stiff
4. Immortality :: Twilight
5. Dominion :: Star Trek
6. Rhonda :: A song?
7. Parties :: Celebration
8. Prince of Darkness :: Dracula
9. Garbage :: Trash
10. Standard :: Norm

1 comment:

Laane said...

I like 5 best.

Mine are ::here::.

Have a relaxed week.