Jun 29, 2008


This week's mutterings as follows.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Loneliness :: Gloom and doom
2. Traffic :: EDSA (It's a major thoroughfare in Manila which is heavily congested 80 to 90 percent of the day.)
3. Chaos :: Disorder
4. Burp :: Baby (Babies burp all the time. :D )
5. 500 :: 300 (the movie)
6. Movie :: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (That's the latest movie I've watched with hubby and daughter.)
7. Coma :: Prolonged Sleep
8. Bark :: Toochie (That's my aunt's dog who keeps on barking for no reason at all.)
9. Stare :: Ogle
10. Angelina :: Wanted (That's her latest movie, right?)

Bay Area

One Sunday morning at Harbour Square fronting Manila Bay. It looks so gloomy as if giving a warning of what is to come. A few days after, typhoon Frank devastated most parts of the country. And we all know what happened.

Jun 15, 2008


Today's unconscious mutterings, read on.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Purchase :: Buy
2. Squeaky clean :: Spic and span
3. Blended :: Mixed
4. Wednesday :: Thursday
5. Function :: Form
6. Look down :: Check
7. July? :: Lots of birthdays
8. Raspberry :: Sour
9. Assertive :: Firm
10. Cracker :: Nut

Jun 13, 2008

Children's Mystery Book

It runs in the family I believe, the love for reading. I grew up seeing the adults in the family most of the time when they are in the house heads bowed down so absorbed to what it is they are reading at the time. Newspapers are a common sight in our house too. My father is a voracious reader. He loves current events and biographies. My grandfather, as far as I remember, loves history and books dealing with politics. My cousins are in my father's side collects their own books. One cousin older than I am has this collection of Mills & Boon, Sweet Valley High and the like.

I learned to read early, maybe about four years old. At five I find myself borrowing my cousin's text book from her English class, "More Stories on Parade". I almost memorized the stories that it was so easy for me to relate to them when I finally had the same book at fifth grade. Until now books are part of my monthly budget.

I can proudly say my daughter grew up loving books too. She started with nursery rhymes, The Giving Tree, Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss books. She is in her tweens now and I see that she is experimenting with different kinds of books. Ever since watching Nancy Drew, she developed an interest in mystery books. She loves adventure books all the more. She not only reads them but also searches about the author and the characters over the internet. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the computer's Home Page would be her current book interest. As a mother, I encourage my daughter's interest in reading. Sunny's adventures will definitely get my daughter's attention with its fun-filled detective stories. I checked its Buy the Book page to see its shipping methods and its prices. A call to my sister based in Vegas will probably a wise thing to do too since she loves sending my daughter different kinds of books. Here's one my daughter will surely appreciate. :)

Jun 8, 2008

Cash Management

Husband and I belong to two different worlds when it comes to our careers. He is an entrepreneur while I am an active player in the corporate world. We have different sources of income but I can say we manage our resources accordingly. We have to be wise about our finances. We have our needs and wants, we have to manage our savings religiously as well our insurances and mortgages. Certain amounts of our incomes are already allotted to meet all the commitments I mentioned. The wants we do away with if we have to. We are very strict in terms of keeping the percentage amount we agreed on for our savings.

At times though, no matter how you think you have mastered budgeting, there are expenses that will appear that are not as scheduled. They need to be addressed immediately. Examples of unforeseen expenses are major repairs on an appliance like your air conditioning unit. Or science projects of your son or daughter at school which is exceeding its original budget. Tell me about that. I have experienced that several times. But as a mother, I have to support my daughter's activities the best way I can especially this is bringing her so much fulfillment since she was the chosen leader for their "little village" project. Mommy is there to subsidize additional expenses. Not to mention incidental expenses like snacks and dinner of her group. This lasted for two weeks mind you. But that's okay. :)

Fast cash payday loan is advantageous in this kind of situation. It offers easy payments and will help manage those unexpected expenses in between paydays. It's wiser this way as long as you settle them promptly.

Disoriented Rambling

Let me see what I'm going to mutter this time.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Rambling :: Thoughts
2. Magnetic :: Horseshoe
3. Again! :: Once more
4. Acoustic :: Guitar
5. Mahogany :: Wood
6. Promises :: Possibilities
7. Ill fitting :: Hideous
8. Sublime :: Majestic
9. Poop :: Smelly
10. Disoriented :: Lost

More mutterings here.

Jun 1, 2008

Advertise on Blogs

I have been seeing a lot of reviews of different products and services whenever I read posts of fellow bloggers. That gave me enough encouragement to do the same. It is a borderless world indeed. We get a lot of information by the use of the internet. Information on our fingertips so to speak. Advertisers has a new found medium in the internet through bloggers.

If I am an advertiser I would be wise enough to advertise on budget. Being cost effective is one of the best ways to ensure profitability. And it is a fact that profitability is driven largely by increase in sales. It is a simple formula if I may say. Increase sales less operating cost equals profitability. The advertiser has all the winning advantage with this kind of buzz creation.

How many people has access to the internet? There are millions. Chances are high of a good exposure using the web. Advertise on your budget. Registering an account is for free.

Identity Theft

It is a borderless world with the advancement in technology we are experiencing in this lifetime. I am all for progress and in both efficiency and effectiveness of technology. I do a lot of my transactions through the computer. I work in a manufacturing company and the business partners of the company are in the other side of the globe. Emails and video conferencing are a great part of our work lives.

My husband, an entrepreneur, does a lot of transactions online too. Lately also I have been doing a lot of online shopping through popular online stores. I am satisfied so far but my husband always remind me to be careful in disclosing my personal data. He often sites how my father and my cousin became victims of credit card frauds. They resolved it in a short time and their money fortunately were reimbursed. It wouldn't hurt though if we are protected from identity theft.

LifeLock is a service which provides an affordable identity theft protection. It surprised me to read that this company's CEO announced to the public his social security number like inviting thieves to steal his data. But with LifeLock security, he is saying his identity will remain all his.

LifeLock Reviews states that there are other value-added services other than identity theft LifeLock has to offer. Specifically free of charge review of credit reports as well as automatic enrollment in WalletLock. It cancels or replaces items in your wallet in case they are stolen or they got lost.

Use the LifeLock Promotion Code to avail of the these privileges - avail of discounts, pay only $9 a month, use of the product free for 30 days. This will be offered on a limited time so check it out immediately.


First words that come to mind given all the words at the right side. I don't edit my thoughts here and I find some quite senseless. Big grin to that.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Gossipping :: Talking endlessly
2. Misplaced :: Lost
3. Spaceship :: X-Files >>> Lol, that's the first thing that came to mind.
4. Ignore :: Snob
5. Bodily :: Physical
6. Tweezers :: Scissors
7. Goodnight :: Sweet dreams
8. Curls :: Big hair
9. Faucet :: Water
10. Right? :: Of course I am!