Aug 16, 2009

Unconcious Mutterings #17

Reviewing time with my daughter has just finished. He's now with his daddy at the tv room, well watching television while dad and daughter tag team give finishing touches to her bookmark project. Hubby is more artistic than yours truly. I leave it up to him how to guide our daughter when it comes to projects which require some creativity.

Time for my unconscious mutterings for the week.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Delayed :: Late
2. Irresponsible :: Reckless
3. Stupendous :: Amazing
4. Barcelona :: Spain
5. Solution :: Answer
6. Simplify :: Make plain
7. Crumble :: Coffee (like the ice cream flavor, coffee crumble, which is one of my favorites)
8. Podcast :: iTunes
9. Conversation :: over coffee, I like
10. Homepage :: Main page

Looking forward to the two non-working holidays this week. :) Have a great week ahead!


Hootin' Anni said...

mmmmmm, crumble cake.

And above, that pasta dish looks scrumptious!!!

I muttered again; come by for a visit if you can. Have a super week ahead.....

julie said...

yang crumble na yan, lol!

quilly said...

#7 -- now I want a cup of coffee and some crumb cake!