May 29, 2007

Coffee While Blogging

It rained hard on the way home. All the streets we passed by were flooded. Imagine, EDSA was flooded, even the flyover in Cubao was flooded. Tsk, tsk. But then what else is new. Good thing, the traffic was bearable. 'Pag ganitong umuulan, hinahanap ko ang kape. Kahit anong kape, 'wag lang yung nasa dispenser ng Nescafe. I don't like it. It could be the paper cup they're using. The coffee tastes like paper. Anyway, finally home, I got my coffee.


Everything's quiet now. Mommy 'obligations', all check. I've a paper due on June 4. I've to start with it now. But blog first to set the mood. :) Good excuse to procrastinate.

I'm glad I've taken up the Leadership class this semester. I have to admit I thought of skipping this subject till the next term and take a more 'relevant' subject. Half of my class 'ditched' Leadership for the same reasons I had on my mind. We all know about leadership. We've read so many books about it, we've attended so many seminars and team buildings to understand how it is to be a leader and develop people to become the leaders that they are. I've been taught about it since my girl scout days. I can again read a book now and interpret it on my own. Gahhh, I don't need anymore of this.

But then nothing beats hearing an expert's words, and my professor proved to be one fellow who sees leadership in a different perspective. He goes deeper, more on a personal level. From my assessment, he made the course an understanding of one's own leadership. How it affects the lives of the people you interact with. And what else one can do with it. I like it that he doesn't sugar coat his lectures with big
words and big stories. Because we talk about our own heroes, our own crossroads, our own life book.

I must say this course reminds me to keep grounded. With all the decisions I have to make in my daily life at work, with all the interactions I have to do, I always have to uphold personal humility and professional will.


julie said...

Grabe the traffic. It was really pouring, like the heavens opened up. Glad to know you finally got your cuppa coffee.

On onward to being a leader! :) Have a great week ahead of you Lynn.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. It was pouring earlier in our area too. I had to turn off my computer this afternoon due to a thunderstorm.

I could just imagine the build up of traffic when it's raining. Glad you're safely home now.

That sounds like a worthwhile seminar. I'm sure you learned many great things and hope they will come in handy in the future.

Thanks for dropping by earlier.

lady cess said...

according to the news last night, mindanao ave was terribly flooded. i hope di ka umabot doon.

seems like you made a good decision to go to that class. maybe you can blog about a couple of things you learned. :)

Lynn said...

JULIE, Thanks! Funny nga coz summer ended just like that. Wala man lang buelo. Like the heat will go away gradually and then there will be little rain here and there. Pero bumuhos agad ng todo. :)

RACH, I was worried about the flood. I can feel the little waves under the flooring of the car, haha.

CESS, Good thing, hindi naman masayadong baha when we passed by Mindave.

It was a good decision indeed though ang daming paper works. :P

chateau said...

Hi Lynn!
Driving during a downpour now scares me. My sis had a colleague/friend whose car was swept by flood water into the creek along Mindanao Ave (near congressional). She lost her mom and daughter in that terrible incident. :( Take care ha.

Mimi Lenox said...

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Lynn said...

CHATS, I am familiar with what you mentioned. In fact I learned that the family of the 'victim' was a sister of an employee in the same corporation I was in. Theirs is a sister company of ours so the news spread fast. Sad. Kaya ingat na ingat kami when we pass by that creek especially if it's raining. Thanks ha.

MIMI, We'll check out the Blogblast for Peace later. I'm not sure though if I can find a picture with some globe in it. :)

Liza's Eyeview said...

Than you for Welcoming me to Pinoy Mom Network :)

I enjoy your blog and will visit often :)

Lynn said...

LIZA, I appreciate what you said. :)

Chateau said...

Hi Lynn!
Talaga? I still get goose bumps when I think about what happened. Terrible terrible thing.

SexyMom said...

so, how are you enjoying your MBA? good move for you.

i completed mine only when i was about to retire, and i don't regret it.

Lynn said...

SEXY MOM, I am enjoying the sharing of learnings we have in class but honestly, MBA is overrated. :D