May 24, 2007


This week had been full of presentations - me, presenting and giving them answers to what seems like endless questions - me, watching others make their presentations, and commenting/giving feedback/asking questions that might seem endless to them too - and these are both at work and school. Days pass just like that. It's mid-week and I thought it's only Tuesday. The class extended till ten in the evening because our topic interests everyone. What else interests everyone but Money. Wink wink. I was there with my partner presenting about supply of money, the Federal Reserve and local currencies for about two hours.

I did not feel the stress from preparing all these presentations and meetings with different sets of people from all these simultaneous activities until after class tonight. But even so, I felt so relieved. I just want to relax now.

And while I am at it, here are the Thirteen Things that relaxes me.

Thursday Thirteen

1. Snuggling with my daughter after a busy day.
2. Calling my daughter in the middle of a hectic day at work.
3. A trip to the beauty salon of course - for foot spa and hot oil especially. Scalp massage definitely relaxes me.
4. My husband's massage. (It's a running joke between us that we should set-up a spa business and he'll be the head trainer for Swedish Massage.)
5. Comfort food like chocolate ice cream and champorado. Yum-yum!
6. A feel-good movie or tv show like Prison Break, haha! I'm giving my Prison Break DVDs a rest for a while. I've memorized all of Wentworth Miller's lines by now. It came to a point that I minimize my player when my husband comes in so he won't see I am watching Prison Break for the nth time. It gets embarrassing sometimes. Now, I'm into Heroes and he is too. But definitely, Scofield is not forgotten. That would be sacrilege. :)
7. Blogging - updating mine and reading other people's blogs.
8. Pillows all around me and soft sheets soothes me.
9. Meeting up with my friends with conversations going just about anywhere gives me a light feeling too.
10. Taking pictures gives me some fun.
11. I don't have a green thumb like my mother but flowers, plants relaxes me.
12. A good shower at night.
13. Soft music.

Of course a good sleep relaxes me. And I'm going to do just that. I'm the only one up at this hour in this house. Time to put myself to sleep. :)


dew said...

What's champorado? I love Heroes, too! My favorite is Hiro. He's so cute and sweet, like a little teddy bear.

Bongga Mom said...

I totally agree with #3 -- spas are the ultimate relaxation.

BTW thanks for your birthday greetings!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. Thanks for visiting me earlier. I've been hooked on Prison Break lately. I'm glad we won't have any problems with the brothers. I'm glad you like Michael because I'd like to keep Linc. :)

I finished watching the DVD of Heroes and lent it to my husband's cousin. I just forgot how many episodes I watched.

I miss having champorado. It's been a while.

Same here, I also like a good shower at night because it's very refreshing.

Lynn said...

DEW, Champorado is like chocolate porridge. Oh, I love Hiro too,haha. He's like the mascot of the series. :D

BONGGA MOM, You're welcome. :)

RACHEL, Hahaha! Sure, sure, you can have Linc. Michael's all for me. You know that there's a shirt with this text: MRS. SCOFIELD. Haha. I'm thinking of ordering. ;p

julia said...

I'm sad season 1 of Heroes is over! Do you read the comics? They really add to certain plot points and background stories. I highly recommend them!

Happy TT!

Momazing Mom said...

Hi Lynn.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your TT. It is great! I agree with most of your relaxation techniques! I have 4 little ones that love to snuggle and cuddle after a long day. Can't wait to read next week's edition! Have a great day!

Judy Callarman said...

A good hot shower helps--and a long walk! This is a great list.

Lara Croft said...

Sounds like an awesome way to end any day! I'm going to have to try champorado - Wonderful list, took me away from my work for a moment -

ladycess said...

your husband is good at massages? wow! ang sarap nga nyan!

Lynn said...

JULIA, I haven't read the comics yet. Thanks for the heads up.

MOMAZING MOM, JUDY, Thanks! Till next week. :)

LARA CROFT, Oh, you know champorado. :) Delicious.

CESS, ah oo, relaxing talaga! :)