May 14, 2007

Monday Madness

dirtyfinger Today's The Day, Election 2007. The indelible ink, look! It's a mess but I did my duty and practiced my right as a Filipino citizen. My husband and I didn't know that there is a lunch break. We used to be really early when we vote but this morning we woke up a little late than usual so we arrived at our designated precinct around twelve noon. We thought there's shifting.

The whole voting procedure was quick. It's just that it was so hot. Reaching home, there's just one thing on our ice cream! I wanted some chocolate but there's none in the freezer so I settled for the mocha flavor. I had a bright idea to have some chocolate taste for it. I used the Hershey's Shell Topping which freezes in seconds. Great! It was a great match for the mocha ice cream. It gave us some relief from the heat. The ice cream shot does not look good but you get the picture of what I'm saying. :)

Just an update, as of this time, 11:20pm, the ABS CBN STI Media Count which shows that Francis Escudero is leading the pack! This is partial and unofficial but I am not complaining with the results so far.

Before Monday ends, let me share my dose of Monday Madness.

Monday Madness

Which web browser do you prefer?
I prefer Firefox because so far it does not crash online as frequently as I had experienced with IE before. At the office though, it's IE and I still downloaded IE7. I use it a few times when I have to check if my template is also compatible with IE.

Are you a PC user or MAC user?
I'm a PC user though I'd like to have MAC too.

Will your next computer purchase happen within the next year (do you think)?
I don't think so. I just had replaced my laptop September last year and I have a new company issued laptop and the desktop does not need updating yet.

Will you purchase your next computer at a local store or via the internet?
The last time it was through online shopping. But I guess next time, I'd have it via a local store.

Have you had any experience with Windows Vista?
None yet.

What are your feelings about this new operating system (if any)?
I'm pretty excited about it. I was able to read the new features it carries. And it's just me to be excited and really curious about what is new and something that will be more efficient and effective for me.


Posts to come, my meme from Bonggamom, the Mother's Day piece, the family trip to the north, and my food talk on various restos we visited the past days/weeks. Obviously, I need extra hours for a fair attention to my blogging life. :)


Gabrielle said...

I don't understand why some people still stick to IE and don't even wanna try FF...

Thanks for stopping by and happy belated Mother's Day :)

meowminx said...

Hey Lynn, salamat sa visit! ^_^ Will let you know when my father-in-law has installed it and stuff.

Ahh mocha ice cream! They dont have that here in the UK (wtf???) Ive tried that Hershey's Shell when I was still in the US, but didnt really like it LOL


JennieBoo said...

Thanks for your comment, lynn!

So glad you stopped by my blog!

I don't know, old habits die hard. I've always been a pc girl and having to learn all that new's kinda intimidating.

I do, however, enjoy the MAC/PC commericals. :)

Oh, and mocha ice cream? You have officially become a "cool" chick in MY book! :)


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lynn. Oh my, I totally forgot about Monday Madness. Oh well, I'll just join next week. I still use IE although I heard raves about FF. I'm just the type who is scared of change so I'd rather stick with IE for now.

I also took a photo of the indelible ink on my finger. I will post about it later after making visits to my blog friends.

Thanks for sharing about the Hershey's Shell Topping. I will look for it the next time we go to the supermarket.

Take care!

Lynn said...

Gabrielle, I guess it's because of familiarity with IE. :)

Meowminx, Lol, Hershey's tastes good and I was desperate for something chocolatey. :)

Jennieboo, Oh I'm a cool chic in your book, thanks! Haha. :)

Rachel, Yes, try it, it will add flavor to plain ice cream. :)